Wednesday, February 14th

At NE, Phyllis leaves JT yet another message – blowing me off is not an option! ~click~ When Victor arrives, Phyllis follows him into his office to ask where the money came from – what didn’t you tell Lauren? Who are you covering for? Bumping into a rumpled JT at... Read more

Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Valentine’s Day in GC – let the romance begin. Billy comes downstairs to find Phyllis dressed to impress. Vikki’s admiring her new dress in the mirror but when JT hugs her from behind, her smile is tinged with sadness. Chelsea finishes painting her nails and tries not to look... Read more

Monday, February 12th

In Vikki’s office, Victor listens as she reads an article on Jack replacing Ashley. He’s excited. No, he’s only pretending to be excited, Victor corrects. Vikki’s suspicious – Ashley could be spying for her brother. At home, Jack’s on the phone with his new hire, Helen – the lab is... Read more

Friday, February 9th

Nick and Phyllis agree that Adam’s plaque looks like it’s been opened recently. In no time handyman Nick removes the cover. It’s empty. What now? Go home, Nick guesses. Phyllis worries he’s not capable of asking Chelsea the tough questions. Drop the act – Victor knows all about Alexandra West.... Read more

Thursday, February 8th

At the cemetery, Chelsea’s stunned. You scared the life out of me – what are you doing here, Sharon? Were you following me? Hilary and Phyllis loiter at Nick’s table at the club – waiting for someone? Is Chelsea missing in action? Have a nice evening, Nick shoos them off.... Read more

Wednesday, February 7th

At the club, Cane and Billy aren’t impressed that JT’s late for a meeting. That’s OK – I quit, JT announces. Devon bumps into Lily in NE’s break room to hear that things are dicey between Vikki and Ashley. He hopes she won’t get caught in the middle. Too late... Read more

Tuesday, February 6th

I hope this does the trick. At home, Jack has flowers and a cardboard box. He’ll do whatever it takes to earn Ashley’s forgiveness and make this family whole again. Billy’s proud of his brother. Responding to a text from Ashley, Lily’s in NE’s breakroom and tasked with providing a... Read more

Monday, February 5th

Billy comes home to ask ‘what’s going on CSI? Who got whacked?’ Phyllis is pondering an ‘evidence board’ – someone has to track down Alexandra West. This is the most likely suspect. Billy stares at a photo Phyllis adds to the board (likely Chelsea) ‘Hey handsome’, Chelsea welcomes Nick home.... Read more

Friday, February 2nd

Lauren ends a call to join JT at the club to see if there’s any update on the work he’s doing for Fenmore’s. Cane appears to say he’s interested in hearing that too. Both pleased with their newly renovated bathroom, Nick’s decided to use Chelsea’s donation from the found money... Read more

Thursday, February 1st

At HWG, Devon’s giving Tessa her assignments for the day when Hilary arrives to ask where her office is so she can unpack her things. What things? Devon’s puzzled. On cue, Mariah arrives juggling Hilary’s boxes of things. Nikki surprises Reed with a visit to see how he’s doing with... Read more