Monday, October 8th

At CL’s, Tessa gives Lola the bag of power tools Rey left for her. Coffee’s on me, Kyle comes over to express admiration and make jokes. Taking a seat with Lola (who’s granted him two minutes) Kyle blathers on about business before flirting. Pacing around her office, Vikki’s a jittery... Read more

Friday, October 5th

Sharon’s taken off her ring and is sorting through wedding gifts to be returned when Mariah comes down to hear that Faith insisted on going to school. She didn’t really expect the wedding to happen anyway. Sharon won’t let Mariah cancel her week-long/out of town shoot due to Nick’s selfish... Read more

Thursday, October 4th

Her secret revealed by the furious bride, Phyllis’ escape is prevented by Billy – why go? This clearly is NOT ‘private’. Tell everyone it’s not true, he challenges. Sharon assures him and everyone else at the wedding that it is true. When did it happen? Billy asks. When we ‘broke... Read more

Wednesday, October 3rd

That witch stood him up, Phyllis is sure (as Nick marches towards the church’s exit. Billy doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. On the other side of the church, Victor wonders aloud why Sharon’s a no-show. Who knows what goes on in that woman’s mind, Nikki eyes Vikki. In the... Read more

Tuesday, October 2nd

At the Abbott mansion, a tux-clad Nick tells Jack that Sharon deserves ‘perfect’ and that’s what she’ll get. Sharon’s at home in a white satin robe. Absorbing the bombshell Mariah just dropped, she won’t fall apart – she just needs to figure out what comes next. Billy and Phyllis assure... Read more

Monday, October 1st

Nervous as the board members hand in their votes, Billy speaks out before they’re read. There are only two people eligible to be Jabot’s CEO (and he assumes Traci’s not interested) Correcting that assumption, Traci stands to announce that she’s willing to take the job. When Sharon comes home with... Read more

Wednesday, September 26th

Refusing to listen to Nikki and Vikki, Sharon WILL tell Nick the truth – tonight. Across the rooftop, Nick’s equally insistent in telling Phyllis that he’s fessing up to Sharon. ‘This can’t be happening’, Vikki and Nikki nervously watch Nick and Sharon meet up. Suddenly, loud sirens and lights go... Read more

Tuesday, September 25th

Devon’s at Neil’s to chat about Shawna’s birthday and ask him out to eat. Neil’s busy with Nick’s party and thinks Hilary would want him to go out with his friends. At the club’s bar, Jack’s invited a select group for what John Abbott used to call a gentleman’s evening;... Read more