Monday, October 22nd

Lily’s having a daydream in which she’s all dressed up drinking wine at the club as she waits for Cane (who sends her a text; he’s on his way) Looking into her compact, the fantasy is gone – Lily is in a cell and wearing no makeup. Cane’s struggling to... Read more

Friday, October 19th

Who renovates and office to hide a safe without checking it? Kyle wonders in Jabot’s CEO office. Dina’s glad to have proof to show ‘that girl’ that she’s a good Mother. Outside, Billy asks Ted if him and Phyllis breaking up is water cooler gossip. Ted’s di[plomatic and vague, but... Read more

Thursday, October 18th

At the house, Dina asks Abby what day it is. Thursday – but Kay, Jennifer and Joanna can’t make it for Bridge night. Abby’s going have breakfast with her boyfriend and his sister. Dina fondly recalls meeting John’s family and when Abby goes to tell the nurse and Mrs Martinez... Read more

Wednesday, October 17th

In Jabot’s CEO’s office, Phyllis blasts Billy – you slept with my daughter to get back at me!? Summer calls Billy a pig. He’s unapologetic. Phyllis then lashes out at Summer for telling Mariah about her and Nick. She overheard me – then Billy told me he wanted me –... Read more

Tuesday, October 16th

At CL’s, Sharon and Rey have a cagey conversation in which he tells a hypothetical story about someone being accused and possibly guilty of ripping the tag off a mattress; does the store believe the buyer who denies doing it? Sometimes making an accusation results in a confession – or... Read more

Monday, October 15th

Whoa – what the heck?! Who did this? Ted looks at broken glass on his desk. I did – Jack’s glare indicates that he has nothing further to add. Ashley comes home to face Traci and Abby’s questions – we deserve answers and WILL get them. At CL’s, Tessa serves... Read more

Friday, October 12th

As all reel in shock, Abby whimpers – that’s not funny – this is a bad joke – tell them you didn’t do this, she appeals to her Mother. Jack’s stunned – you hired this guy to fake a paternity test? Took advantage of Dina’s confusion? Ashley did this for... Read more

Wednesday, October 10th

At home, Jack asks Kyle to dial down his frustration towards Ashley for the good of the company. No can do – Kyle isn’t a disgruntled employee, he’s a righteous whistleblower who can’t just ignore what Andrew told him. He and the scheming Ashley are up to something. On cue,... Read more

Tuesday, October 9th

At the house, Jack warns Kyle that he’s swimming in dangerous waters (with Ashley) Ashley scolds Phyllis for missing the meeting and reminds that her name is on the office door – I’m the CEO now, not Billy. Entering that office, she’s not happy to find Andrew with his feet... Read more