Monday, November 5th

At CL’s, Arturo tells Abby that he plans to take the watch he found to the police station. Someone will be grateful it was found. Shouldn’t you be working on the Hellstrom case? Chris appears at Rey’s desk to remind that the clock’s ticking on this investigation. Rey wants to... Read more

Friday, November 2nd

Nice of you to join us, Kyle quips as Phyllis strides into her office. We meet at MY convenience, she is the CEO after all. Neither Kyle nor Billy are pleased to hear that it’ll be a long night. At the club, Nikki wanted to check in on Nick after... Read more

Thursday, November 1st

Nikki, Phyllis and Vikki are exhausted by digging; a much harder job split in three thanks to Sharon being a no-show. Sharon then scares them by popping up in a mask. Calling Phyllis a slut, Sharon’s she’s ‘sorry’ implies she’s not sorry at all. Just dig, she’s ordered. Nick walks... Read more

Tuesday, October 30th

Arturo brings a carved pumpkin to Abby at Dark Horse, knowing she misses her Mom already. She appreciates him looking out for her ~kiss~ Finishing up decorations at CL’s, Tessa kisses Mariah then serves Rey. Noting the trick or treat donation jar on the counter, Rey agrees with Mariah that... Read more

Monday, October 29th

Seated at the head of the table for family breakfast, Jack asks all to put their phones away in favour of conversation. We all miss you Mother, he reassures Abby. He needs the family on the same page. At Jabot, Summer’s thrilled to see her Mom’s a redhead again. What... Read more

Friday, October 26th

At CLs, Rey and Sharon joke about his new mattress. She grows uncomfortable when he suggests driving into work together, to save gas – it’s not a good idea because she might want to leave early. Ashley decides to leave the family meeting. She can tell that she’s not respected... Read more

Wednesday, October 24th

As the Abbott’s reel in shock, Kyle points out that no one knows how Dina got John to sign a document handing ownership of Ashley’s products to her. Even Ashley’s not buying it – her Mother wouldn’t rescue her as a child and certainly wouldn’t now. Traci has proof (and... Read more

Tuesday, October 23rd

At home, Traci flashes back to John gifting Dina with a convertible that excites the three young kids far more than her Mother (who disappoints all by opting out of dinner and a movie because she’s already made plans for the evening) Kyle comes in to bid his Aunt Traci... Read more