Monday, June 1st

The only one convinced the killer's still out there, Kevin finds himself arrested... Harding's back - and 'quietly' investigating Kevin's suspicions .... Mariah accidentally tells Kyle and Summer that she loves Kevin ... Overnight at her Mom's, Faith wonders when she and Dylan will have a baby ... Uh oh - Sage needs an emergency appendectomy ... Signing divorce papers, Neil has revenge on his mind ... Victor's not happy to hear that he's not on Nikki's visitor list. Read more

Friday, May 29th

Thanks to Dylan's, Faith's one night a week at Sharon's is approved (not approving? Avery) .... Yack informs Victor that Jack is Gabe's Father... Adam's worried about what exactly Victor knows ... Jack has help on the ship; Marissa (Marco's one true love) Read more

Thursday, May 28th

Jack's out of the fying pan - and into the fire ... Yack learns who Gabe is ... Adam continues to woo Chelsea ... What mediction is Ashley taking? And how much more awkward can things be between her, Abby and Ben. Read more

Tuesday, May 26th

Both Neil and Nikki are surprised to find the drunk guy in Nikki's bed. Now it's intervention time .... Phyllis tries to persuade Avery to drop Joe and go back to Dylan .... Seems Joe's legs aren't as useless as he's letting on.... Billy warns Sage. Read more

Monday, May 25th

Faith is not thrilled to hear that her new sister of brother is coming by way of Sage, not Mommy …. Rejecting Neil and Victor’s concern, Nikki steps up her drinking … Home for a day, Avery learns that Dylan’s moved in with Sharon …Joe’s released and will be coming home to Avery’s … Where in the world is Jack Abbott? Probably stowed away on a boat. Read more

Friday, May 22nd

Tobias has pelnty of secrets to spill - but unfortunately crashes his car. By the time the kids get to GCM, it's too late .... On the attack, again, Neil defends a drunken Nikki ... Kevin and Mariah find evidence in Tobias' motel room. Read more

Thursday, May 21st

Yack's party is off to a great start; Gwen (Neil's date) and Hilary get into it ... Nick's baby announcement sends Nikki for the champagne ... and whomever's been watching the gathering is now in front of Victor (who's aware that Kelly's dead and Jack's on the loose) ... Yack's donating a pediatric wing to GCM - in honour of ... Cassie? Read more

Tuesday, May 19th

Chris and Paul are off to DA to call in favour - Kevin also investigates... Victor warns Yack to obey orders ... Nikki refuses Neil's help - and Victor's mumbling ... Yack takes a liking to Chelsea ... Adam tells Sage he wants a paternity test. Read more