Wednesday, December 31st

Not much time today folks. I’ll be dancing around with the proverbial lampshade on my head in just a few short hours … The Ashby’s are set for the most perfect New Year’s Day – Family, Food and Football (at Neil’s) The twins take a break from squabbling to let... Read more

Tuesday, December 30th

Removing her wedding ring, Chelsea claims it’s just to ward off men offering free drinks. She’s flattered but ‘no thanks’ – she’s waiting for her date. Adam wasn’t trying to hit on her – he’s waiting for someone too (and she’s perfect) Victor snarls into his phone – do your... Read more

Monday, December 29th

It’s New Year’s Eve at the club. In the foyer, Ashley ends a call; ‘I’m all dressed up and waiting for you handsome’. And here’s Ben for a work out. *awkward* At home, Vikki introduces Reed to Katie. We’re all going to be one big happy family. Then where’s Billy?... Read more

Friday, December 26th

On the CL’s patio, Billy starts making out with Chelsea. What if someone walks in? He doesn’t care. Does Jack want to know why Billy made it home safe the night Delia died? This is why. Adam lifts his shirt to show off a scar – Billy shot me. Jack’s... Read more

Thursday, December 25th

No time for nonsense like spellcheck and proofreading. In the lab, Jack tells Ashley that he was at CL’s last night – so was Victor was, on his best behavior. Yes, that’s because he’s having Tobias take photos of my files. But no worries – Ashley won’t let anything get... Read more

Wednesday, December 24th

At the ranch, Faith (temporarily being played by the previous actress) just loves her angel snow-globe (which she’ll name Katherine) Aside, Nick’s leaving for two reasons; Faith’s pissed at him – and Sharon’s coming by to pick her up. Vikki has much to be happy about; a video chat with... Read more

Monday, December 22nd

Constance could be dying – she’s asking for her Grandson, Sage whines into her phone. Not overly worried about the ‘old lady’, Adam sneaks out of the penthouse – I’m on my way. Cute baby, he smiles as Vikki gets off the elevator. When Billy opens the door, Vikki blurts... Read more

Friday, December 19th

Their mistletoe kiss interrupted, Austin leaves Summer to get a lecture from her Mom. Phyllis wants her to have her own life, not hang around a bar 24/7. It will only make your relationship stronger. Summer snickers – YOU’RE giving ME marital advice? Furious, Jack wants Adam to turn himself... Read more

Thursday, December 18th

Jack scowls; Adam? Adam who? Your friend. Your worst enemy’s son. Jack doesn’t appreciate the sick joke. Adam’s dead – he was identified through dental records. No – don’t call the police, I can prove it, Adam says. Shivering at Delia’s roadside tribute, Sage leaves ‘Gabe’ a message; call me... Read more

Wednesday, December 17th

Bearing gifts, Ben pays Vikki a surprise visit. Both are delighted when Katie gurgles. At the penthouse, Chelsea ends a call with her lawyer. It had to do with Adam. Some of his assets have been released from probate. It now seems … Real? Billy supplies. Adam’s not happy when... Read more