Wednesday, May 3rd

Phyllis and Billy kiss in Ravi’s office. Are we really ready for this relationship? No lies or sneaking around? Phyllis is anxious due to Vikki’s horrified reaction. But maybe the elevator doors were meant to open when they did. Down at BnS, Vikki’s all business and Cane’s concerned by what... Read more

Tuesday, May 2nd

You and her…. together, Vikki stammers. Nobody wanted it to come out this way. When Lily arrives on the scene obliviously babbling, Cane ushers her off as Vikki’s dying of embarrassment. Billy never wanted to hurt Vikki. Phyllis chimes in to say that Billy deserves a lot more than Vikki’s... Read more

Monday, May 1st

Arriving at Victor’s office to hear him ordering roses, Vikki says that won’t sway Mom – then is sorry to hear they’re for an employee who’s in the hospital. She’s there to make sure he got the car keys back – she won’t let Victor control Reed the same way... Read more