Wednesday, May 17th

Still on the set, Lily and Juliet are talking about cute hockey players and what a hard boss Cane is when Cane joins them to update that Jesse’s saving behind the scenes footage to flashdrive. No, he can’t let Juliet and Lily take a peek. In his empty hotel room,... Read more

Tuesday, May 16th

In a Hollywood studio, Cane and Juliet are busy setting up for the commercial. After Lily and Jordan head to the set, Cane gives videographer Jesse firm instructions to capture everything that goes on behind the scenes. Dressing in his hotel room after a fun night with Phyllis, Billy must... Read more

Monday, May 15th

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley ignores Dina’s ‘lovely to see you’ and attempt at a hug. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Would you have taken my call if I had? Dina replies. Efficient as ever, Gloria bids Jack a good night. What’s the rush? Hot date? he... Read more

Friday, May 12th

The BnS gang is in Hollywood; at the Beverly Palm Hotel. Vikki hands room keys to Juliet and Billy (who’s all business and sees no room for R&R, much to Vikki’s disappointment) On a rooftop deck, Lily jumps up and down when she spots her giant ‘Dare’ billboard. Putting his... Read more

Thursday, May 11th

At the condo, Phyllis chatters happily to herself as she unpacks ingredients and prepared take out food. Billy calls Vikki from BnS – there’s a problem with the commercial shoot but he thinks he has a fix. In the conference room, Juliet gives Cane a list of studio sites. No,... Read more

Wednesday, May 10th

Headphones on, Sharon doesn’t even notice when Mariah comes in to worry that she needs to take a break from studying. Devon arrives as Mariah’s upstairs getting ready for their date. So, you’re getting pretty serious, Sharon comments. At the Baldwin apartment Scott updates his Mom that the book’s off... Read more

Tuesday, May 9th

Vikki’s perfectly fine with Billy dropping by unannounced to check on Katie. She slept well after talking to Billy and has already gone to school. Billy has something else on his mind he’d like to hash out. At CL’s, Phyllis assumes correctly that Nick knows she’s with Billy – and... Read more

Monday, May 8th

At GC Buzz, Hilary’s managed to pull the dress off Mariah and is trying for a good chunk of hair. Devon doesn’t care about you! she screeches and they throw each other around. Oh he cared – he cared ALL night long! Still attached, Mariah screeches – has Hilary slept... Read more

Friday, May 5th

Jack finds a distracted Hilary pouring an excessive amount of sugar into her coffee at CL’s. How do you survive divorce without losing your mind? she wonders. Mariah comes downstairs in Devon’s shirt – relieved that she’s not dreaming and surprised that she’s all ‘gooey’ about their night together. Devon’s... Read more

Thursday, May 4th

When Scott arrives at the GCAC as summoned, Victor orders him a double Tequila. Coming through the revolving door, Phyllis and Billy spot Victor but decide not to let him ruin their evening. Nick’s at Vikki’s hearing about how she got an eyeful of Billy and Phyllis making out on... Read more