Thursday, August 2nd

On the CL’s patio, the four ladies discuss Nick posing as JT; the man they buried – gaslighting them without even knowing it. All are surprised when Billy appears. Told that they’re planning another charity event, Billy leaves the three ladies to comment to Phyllis. Vikki’s catty about the tension... Read more

Wednesday, August 1st

Everyone watches in stunned silence as Devon asks Lily if Shawna’s telling the truth – did you cause the accident!? No… I don’t know, Lily stammers – I don’t remember. Declaring Shawna exhausted and mistaken, Cane tries to send her upstairs to rest. Devon’s not having it – he wants... Read more

Tuesday, July 31st

Devon’s penthouse is filled with flowers and a large portrait of Hilary when Neil and Nate arrive to update on funeral plans and ask if there’s anything they can do. Devon’s fulfilled Hilary’s requests but feels like he hasn’t done enough. After small, religious service mourners will be invited back... Read more

Monday, July 30th

Sharon comes home to find Nick’s set the table and made her blueberry pancakes. Surprise – Sharon brought home breakfast for Nick. Hilary’s death has taught them both to appreciate each other. Cane drops by HWG to find Lily working alone in the office – or rather, worrying about how... Read more

Friday, July 27th

The news is spread quietly and quickly. Mariah awakens to turn her alarm off at 7 am … Neil arrives at the office… Jack sits at the club looking at his tablet …. Phyllis comes down in her robe …. Soon, all are devasted by a phone call bearing the... Read more

Thursday, July 26th

Now alone, a tired Hilary thanks Devon for the most beautiful wedding day. She’s happy to be spending the rest of her life with him. Phyllis is by herself, wrapped in a blanket, drinking wine and looking at Billy’s number on her phone when Lauren drops by looking for him.... Read more

Wednesday, July 25th

Hilary’s dream of marrying Devon at the penthouse turns into a nightmare as the minister’s words take a dark turn as he speaks of eternal rest. It’s too soon, Hilary sits up in her hospital bed. Neil’s crossed the hall to join Devon at his place, both dressed for the... Read more

Tuesday, July 24th

Hilary awakens to worry about Devon’s back because he sat in a chair at her bedside all night. Well, he was up and down a few times arranging a surprise – like the wedding invitation he reads aloud. Mariah’s reading hers at home, Neil at the office, Lily and the... Read more

Monday, July 23rd

Nate tells Devon to prepare himself – he doesn’t think Hilary’s going to make it. On the rooftop, Tessa smiles on the sidelines as Mariah hosts a special live broadcast; she’s moved by the love and support viewers are providing Hilary. At GCM, Devon clings to hope. We’re all out... Read more

Friday, July 20th

Mariah comes down to notice that Sharon’s breakfast table is one place-setting short. Nick didn’t come home last night, Sharon’s pissed. Nick and Phyllis awaken in her bed. That happened, she states the obvious. Devon wakes up from a nap in a chair beside Hilary’s bed. She cries again about... Read more