Friday, April 13th

We have to tie him up before he comes to, Sharon runs around the bedroom looking for suitable restraints. He’s not breathing, Phyllis informs as she crouches beside JT’s body. We have to call someone! Nikki panics. It’s too late for that, Phyllis snaps. All are startled by a knock... Read more

Thursday, April 12th

Girls party sure has taken a dark turn. Nikki needs to know exactly how JT abused Vikki. Noticing all the criticism and loaded comments, she feared it might be worse. Vikki explains how JT manipulated her – it wasn’t just words. Before she can elaborate, JT’s text/call interrupts but goes... Read more

Wednesday, April 11th

Getting home, Vikki sends Reed and the kids upstairs and mopes over a framed wedding photo (flashing back to JT vowing to honour and love her the rest of his life) Reed comes down looking for answers on why they left Dad in Hawaii. Getting no explanation, he grabs his... Read more

Monday, April 9th

Reed and the kids out seeing a movie, Vikki’s home to relax when Nick visits to update that Dad can’t speak yet – or tell us who tried to kill him – twice. Victor’s first speech therapy session over with, Abby’s sure her Dad will be ordering Tequila before long.... Read more

Friday, April 6th

JT watches a nurse rush into Victor’s room (alerted by the furious beeping of the unplugged machinery) At the club, Nikki’s fussed over by her kids – who insist she eat a good dinner then go home for a nice hot bath and a good night’s sleep. Tonight the Newmans... Read more

Thursday, April 5th

Naked beneath a blanket on the sofa, JT coos that Vikki means everything to him. I have to be honest with you, she frowns. In the hospital waiting lounge, Nikki’s frantic for an update. Going in search of a doctor, Nick sees a woman fleeing his Dad’s room. His ‘Miss?... Read more

Wednesday, April 4th

Kyle’s again visiting his Dad – this time, supposedly, to put his mind at ease (about him running Jabot) Heading off to work soon, Phyllis rants about Kyle sitting in the big chair, making big decisions – probably hoping Jack never comes back. Bottom line; she’s no fan of Kyle’s... Read more

Tuesday, April 3rd

Things are professional between Nikki and Arturo during their brief meeting at the club with Nick. Seconds after Arturo leaves with his instructions for the day, Nikki gets a text that sends her and Nick rushing to the hospital. Reading an article on Jack’s arrest, JT quickly puts the tablet... Read more

Monday, April 2nd

Hilary interrupts regularly scheduled programming to take her viewers live to Victor’s press conference – where he announces his partnership with Kyle Abbott. Jack barrels through the club’s revolving door and mocked by both men, shoots Victor. Alas, it’s only a nightmare. Jack awakens in his cell gasping for breath.... Read more