Friday, June 15th

At the house, Britney tells Nick and Sharon that a social worker will be supervising them with Christian – and question Faith and Mariah. Nick will do whatever it takes to ensure Victor doesn’t raise his son. After Sharon leaves for CL’s, Britney tells Nick that he might have to... Read more

Thursday, June 14th

Faith’s made a Father’s Day card from her and Christian (who signed with his handprint) Is Christian still sleeping? He’s not here, Nick finally admits sadly. At the club, Vikki tells her Mom that Katie and Johnny are back at her place (with Summer home, the apartment was getting crowded)... Read more

Wednesday, June 13th

A depressed Nick comes home to pick up one of Christian’s toys. How can I help you? Sharon follows him in to ask. We can fix this, she’s sure. Nick doesn’t think it matters how hard they fight tomorrow or the next day – today, I have to hand over... Read more

Tuesday, June 12th

Now seated at the arbitration table, Sharon answers ‘yes’ to Mike’s questions – establishing that Victor’s a good grandfather and that Faith lived with him for a brief time. After a few more ‘yeses’ Mike asks if Sharon’s confident in her answers, given her mental illness. Lily and Abby catch... Read more

Monday, June 11th

At home, Nick rehearses what he’ll say on the stand. Speak from the heart; simple and sincere, Britney encourages. Both Nick and Sharon hope Mike and Victor don’t pull anything. Nick won’t lose his son. Britney has no intention of letting that happen. In the arbitrator’s room, Victor demands Mike... Read more

Friday, June 8th

Well, there she is – good morning sunshine, Phyllis chides Summer for sleeping in. Settling for coffee instead of a Bloody Mary, Summer and her Mom are bickering when Billy comes down to finally step in to call a truce. Devon comes downstairs to ask Hilary how it was bunking... Read more

Thursday, June 7th

I wasn’t able to watch the show today. Lucky for us, my daughter Riley was able to fill in. It’s pretty late already so I’m posting without so much as proofreading. Enjoy. Abby runs into Kyle by the pool, nonchalantly using her straw hat to avoid eye contact. Kyle takes... Read more

Wednesday, June 6th

With the house to themselves, Sharon frets that her past may result in Nick losing custody of Christian. As such, she wants to remove herself from the equation. I have to leave you! Charlie, wake up – you’re going to be late for work, Lily pulls the bedcovers back and... Read more

Tuesday, June 5th

Sharon comes down as Nick tosses his phone in frustration. Seems Victor’s already hired the most formidable lawyer in town; Mike. Billy’s ready to attend Summer’s bond hearing – Phyllis is not (she wants her daughter to sit in a cell and think about what she did_ In her cell,... Read more

Monday, June 4th

As Billy and Phyllis scramble to cover themselves, Summer tosses her Mom’s panties over as she teases them and reminds that this is her apartment. Now dressed, Phyllis gives Summer a hug and welcomes her home. At home, Sharon ends a call with Faith’s summer camp (who want to know... Read more