Tuesday, January 8th, 2018

Leaving a note propped up for Devon, Anna wheels her luggage out. ‘Victor Newman denied bail’; Jack’s reading the news online when Abby comes down to defend her innocent Father – whom the press loves writing about. She blames Chris more than Rey and is sure it will all go... Read more

Friday, January 4th, 2019

After reading (online) about her handsome hero husband solving JT’s murder, Mia kisses the most handsome man alive. Don’t be late, she coos as Rey leaves for work. In a jailhouse visiting room, Nikki hugs Victor – I’m so sorry. No, it’s HIS fault the plan to leave the country... Read more

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

The happy couple, Jack and Kerry, are back from Bora Bora but wondering why they ever left their island retreat. Billy interrupts them kissing – welcome back. At GCM, Vicki discourages her Mother from confessing to JT’s murder. Dad is strong, he has resources – he can take whatever’s thrown... Read more

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Ending their kiss Victoria backs away from Cane and says ‘I have to go’ and exits quickly. Cane’s left panting and calling her name. Kyle and Fen bump into each other at Crimson lights. Fen taunts Kyle and boasts about kissing the hottest girl in town (Lola) on New Year’s... Read more

Monday, December 31st

Twas New Year’s Day and the jail cells are full; There’s Nate, and Nick, and Victor. No bull. Rey’s at the station, Chris is too. He’s eager to press charges. She fears the risks if they do. Nikki’s back in the hospital and calls for a nurse. Not impressed when... Read more

Friday, December 28th

Wow! Devon’s impressed with the job Anna’s overseeing at the penthouse (where they’re hosting a party) Yes, he’s OK with celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bring on 2019, he clinks her champagne flute (but drinks alone) At Vikki’s, both she and Phyllis are frustrated that Nick’s not returning their calls. Could... Read more

Thursday, December 27th

Nick and Vikki are flabbergasted to find Nikki’s bed empty – maybe she was taken for more tests? No, Phyllis looked into that. Nick calls the police to report his Mom missing- she didn’t leave on her own – someone kidnapped her! Meanwhile, Nikki’s asleep, traveling in an ambulance. How... Read more