Wednesday, April 1st

Sharon admits she was in the woods that night - but is pissed that Dylan's suspicious ... Courtney will spend the evening before her wedding hacking into cameras ... Jill and Cane butt heads ... Mike will do whatever it takes to make Lauren happy ... Avery has dinner with Joe (and Phyllis and Jack) Read more

Tuesday, March 31st

Nikki takes the fingerprints to Paul (who's not doing her any more secret favours) ... Jack rallies the troops to fend off Victor .... Vikki asks Ben to take Abby with him (when he goes to get Kelly's ashes) ... Kevin's suspended when he and Courtney are caught trying to hack. Read more

Monday, March 30th

More scheming from Victor and Adam - more distance between Chelsea and Billy ... Nick lashes out, then kisses Sage ... Nikki's puzzled by Victor's mystery envelope... Noah proposes to Courtney... Kyle supports Summer. Read more

Friday, March 27th

Sharon turns the tables on Nick ... Abby and Ashley argue about Stitch ... Dylan's in the loop - and will protect Sharon ... The wedding postponed, Chelsea continues to think of Adam ... Victor's at it again. Read more

Thursday, March 26th

The plot thickens - in fact it's now so thick you can stand a spoon up in it ... Secrets spill; Ben tells Abby that he shagged her Mom .... Sharon might just blab that Nick broke a girl's neck ... Kyle writes notes in lipstick ... Avery notices Gabe's signatures don't match. Read more

Friday, March 20th

Victor's plan against Jack continues .... Kelly escapes cops at a foreign airport ... Ashley wonders if Ben's sleeping with Abby ... Hex will go to market without competition ... Sharon reveals why she wanted Austin's laptop. Read more