Tuesday, October 27th

Cane and Lily drift even further apart (as Joe once again drives a wedge) .... Neil and Gwen have left the Dr to treat Hilary - but where has she gone? .... Ashley fakes being happy about Abby and Ben's engagement (but Vikki's not buyin' it) ... Paragon now hits Jabot .... Paul takes a disoriented and delusional Chloe 'home to see Delia' (aka the police station) Read more

Monday, October 26th

After Ashley gives Ben his ring and her blessing, he proposes to Abby ... Victor thanks Jack as all hold vigil for Adam ... Surveillance footage reveals that Chloe hit Adam. But she's already knocked Mariah out and gone to Ester for help by the time Kev and Paul get to Underground.... Nick and Sage are having a rough day too - Christian is stabilized but not out of the woods yet. Read more

Friday. October 23rd

As Adam fights for his life, Victor lashes out at Billy, then spends time with Connor (while Chelsea remains at GCM with the rest of the gang) .... Paul starts his investigation by questioning Billy - the receives a tip; the car's been found at a motel..... Nick and Sage panic when Christian stops breathing ... Being called in to GCM interrupts Ben proposing to Abby (while a disgruntled Ashley stays behind to find the ring he'd put in a champagne flute) Read more

Thursday, October 22nd

More circumstantial evidence points at Cane .... Joe sniffs around Lily again - she needs a friend .... Vikki helps Billy release his guilt ... Kevin lashes out on the stand.... Adam's trial and sentencing end in a shocking way; he's hit by a speeding car. Read more

Wednesday, October 21st

After Connor gets lost in the park, Billy finds him - then delivers emotional testimony (blaming himself for Delia's death - while Adam says he's not to blame himself... Chris rejects Mike's plea ... The jury has reached a verdict ... Noah's not happy to see Marisa laughing with Luca, but is placated enough to have sex with her ... Kevin agrees to help look for Marisa's daughter... Victor gives Ashley, and then Luca a warning. Read more

Tuesday, October 20th

Lily vows to help Cane find out who framed him .... Before a packed courtroom, Chris and Mike lead Chelsea in testifying. Against his lawyers objection, Adam takes the stand to express his remorse.... Dr Anderson tells Dylan to be patient (then calls GCM to ask about Sage's baby) ... Patty's attempt to get through to a delusional Sharon ends with her almost being shoved through a wall. Read more

Monday, October 19th

As Adam's trial is about to begin, Chelsea announces that Victor tried to get him to flee the country ... Devon confronts Cane (who believes his only supporter is Neil - as he's unaware that Lily doesn't think him guilty) Read more

Friday, October 16th

Marisa begins her one month with Luca - while Victor declines helping Noah find her daughter unless Marisa leaves town with her child .... All fingers pointing to Cane as the fake kidnapper, Paul arrests him for extortion ... After Mike coaches Chelsea on testifying the next day, Adam shows up for one last night or passion ... Read more

Thursday, October 15th

Oh yeah, so Marisa gave a daughter up for adoption. So she's moving in with Luca until Noah finds the girl .... Dylan and Noah reluctantly go along with Sharon's new no-visitor order (while Dr A continues to turn her into a zombie) .... As Dr Nevell begins to treat , Lily makes a shocking discovery - a gym bag full of money (which she immediately takes to Dylan and identifies as Cane's) Read more

Wednesday, October 14th

Agreeing to help Hilary (not call the cops) Dr Nevell sets his terms .... Dr A easily convinces zombie Sharon to sign a form stating no visitors. Patty's note to Paul is intercepted. At GCM, Nick and Dylan are both happy that Sharon's doctor cares enough to come see Christian (just so she can assure Sharon that he's OK) .... Marisa released from GCM, now has Noah and Luca vying for her affection ... Ashley and Billy butt heads with Jack (who's losing Phyllis' support too) Read more