Friday, May 4th

Sharon claims to have no idea where JT is. No, he didn’t stop by Vikki’s the night of the party – no man did. Let this go. Fine, Nick will call Vikki (even though she’s at a conference out of town) I can’t let you do that, Sharon interjects forcefully.... Read more

Thursday, May 3rd

Paying Victor a surprise visit, Kyle explains that he isn’t at the office because he’s not needed at Jabot; he’ll always be an outsider. There’s no future for me there. He wants to work for the best, Victor. What can I do to show you I’m ready? Victor admits that... Read more

Wednesday, May 2nd

As Sharon pours his coffee, Neil’s in PR-mode when asking for her take on the JT situation – has she heard any gossip? How does the family come across? Culpable? Cutthroat? Sharon’s saved by a call from Nikki (who realizes Sharon can’t speak freely – but we have a crisis... Read more

Tuesday, May 1st

Arriving at GC Buzz after lunch, Hilary wonders why Phyllis was distracted and raced through the park to get to the car. Phyllis thought Hilary was in a hurry to get back to work. Not really, Hilary isn’t thrilled that Devon wants the show to be in honour of his... Read more

Monday, April 30th

Seated at a booth at CL’s, Sharon’s all torn up over an article she’s reading on her tablet (the manhunt for Hellstrom) Cleaning up coffee she’s spilt and seeing the JT/Colleen heart engraved in the booth, she grabs her jacket and runs out. Billy’s summoned Kyle into Jack’s office to... Read more

Friday, April 27th

At home, Mariah shares her concerns; Sharon seems jumpy and torn up. Nick wonders if JT abusing Vikki makes Sharon remember the abusive boyfriend she was with when they first met. She practically hid out in the dining room at Reed’s party – with three women she doesn’t like. We... Read more

Thursday, April 26th

Reed comes home to find that his Mom is throwing him a going away party. The whole family will be coming, she informs with a hug. Reed knows one person who won’t be there *pout* Devon walks right past Hilary at the club. Not to be ignored, Hilary couldn’t help... Read more

Wednesday, April 25th

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle sends Ravi a text – ‘keep trying, I’ll make it worth your while’. He then asks Abby why she’s no longer recording Dina’s memoirs. Jack appears wondering the same thing. Abby’s speechless. Sharon thanks Mariah for taking care of things at CL’s. Both wonder why... Read more

Tuesday, April 24th

Texting Phyllis, Billy arrives at Jabot dressed for his new role. Jack welcomes him back, followed by Kyle – who wonders what his title is. Billy’s COO, my second in command, Jack informs. Kyle kinda thought that would be his. Billy thanks Kyle for botching his brief stint so badly.... Read more

Monday, April 23rd

After Nikki reassures Victor that his investigators will find JT, Paul drops by the ranch with some news. Have a seat, Nikki goes to fetch coffee. Vikki yanks the earbuds out of Reed’s ears and confiscates his laptop. Why aren’t you in school?! She knows Reed wouldn’t be giving her... Read more