Monday, February 9th

Chelsea/Billy, Sage/Gabe continue to interact ... Summer and Austin butt heads (he then quits his job at Underground and sends someone a message) ..... Dylan punches Joe (and Avery tends to his bruises while Sharon tends to Dylan's). Read more

Friday, February 6th

There's been some tech issues with the site's registrar. If you're seeing this, it's been resolved ... Nikki and Neil drink together (after he tests Hilary, Devon, Cane and Lily to see who's betraying him) ... Phyllis rejects Jack - she's staying with Victor. Read more

Thursday, February 5th

Sharon's downward spiral ends when Nick needs her help with Faith ... Austin forgot to tell Nick that a building inspector wants to shut down the club ... Mariah agrees to move in with Kevin ... Neil can see - and Cane's just sent him up to Devon's suite (where he and Hilary are in bed). Read more

Wednesday, February 4th

Sharon's devastated when Nick wins custody ... Neil tells Hilary and Devon that he's out of the new program ... Jill and Cane officially own CI .... Dylan supports Sharon and apologizes to Avery ... Nikki will start puttin' out again. Read more

Tuesday, February 3rd

Nick and Sharon duke it out in court; as Mariah, Summer, Noah and Faith take the stand. But it's Sharon's words that might have the most impact .... Billy struggles to accept Ben replacing him ... Adam continues to worm his way into Chelsea's life ... Dylan sulks. Read more

Friday, January 30th

Cane puts a stop to Collin's blackmail - and Devon gives Jill the money to buy CI ... Ben worries that Kelly's losin it ... Phyllis goes to Fairview.. Chris has a scare. Read more

Thursday, January 29th

Nikki's confesses - her MS is flaring up. Worried, Victor calls Jill - he'll sell CI (and not the warehouse property) ... Vikki asks Ben to move in ... Gabe (and Sage) move in to Billy/Chelsea's building... Paul and Chris arrest Phyllis. Read more

Tuesday, January 27th

The lab shut down, Ashley confronts Victor ... Vikki backs her Father's lies, until Ben makes her see how wrong that is ... Nick and Sage grow closer (as Adam continues to make a pest of himself) ... Paul questions Phyllis. Read more