Thursday, January 15th

Gabriel' continues to worm his way in between Chelsea and Billy ... Worried about Phyllis (who isn't quite right), Jack gets Dr Cutler's number from Victor .... Vikki plans to revamp Brash n Sassy... The investigation continues into who beat Dylan up. Read more

Thursday, January 15th

Jack believes Phyllis - until he believes Kelly ... Mike's forced to confide his diagnosis to Phyllis ... Vikki punches Billy ... Chelsea advises Sharon (then gets a visit from 'Gabe') Read more

Wednesday, January 14

Jack believes Phyllis (who's plan has worked) ... Gabriel continues to annoy Billy (and ingratiate himself to Chelsea) ... Dylan in the hospital, Paul accuses Victor. Avery accuses Joe (which results in another kiss/slap) ... Paul suspects Nikki's drinking again ... Cane lets Joe and Victor know that he (and Jill) are going after CI. Read more

Tuesday, January 13th

Jack's still caught in the middle of Kelly and Phyllis ... Hilary and Devon plan a getaway (which Lily wants to crash) .. Neil makes progress ... Austin gets a new job ... Victor makes Dylan an offer. After refusing, muggers hit CL's. Read more

Friday, January 9th

Billy asks Jack to be Katie's Godfather (and Jack warns Billy not to get too attached) ... Nikki and then Dylan blast Victor (who then leaves Nikki to drink) .... Sage will stick close to Nick - for Adam's sake .. The William's announce their news - the Baldwin's do not. Read more

Thursday, January 8th

After Mariah leaves (Kevin chasing) Austin tells Summer that she kissed him .... Chelsea hires Sharon ... Nick pays a visit to Castle Black .. Connor calls Billy 'Daddy'. Read more

Wednesday, January 7th

Mariah's birthday doesn't go well - so she kisses Austin (unaware that he and Summer have been gettin busy at Underground) Oh - and Kevin walks in ... After a fight with Victor, Nikki drinks ... Jill and Cane partner up to take down Victor. Read more

Tuesday, January 6th

Thanks to Kevin, Dylan learns that Victor owns Gerolamo - and confronts him at Joe's cocktail party (much to Nikki's surprise)... Mariah's pouts on her birthday ... Phyllis and Kelly go at it once again (putting Jack in the middle) Read more

Monday, January 5th

Gabriel gets a tour of the penthouse ... Billy removes his ring tattoo ... Sharon and Nick continue to battle (and she's NOT happy when he leaves her to chat with Sage) .... Devon rejects Gwen - then changes his mind after Neil announces that he and Hilary are trying for a baby ... Avery escapes Joe and tells Dylan. Read more