Friday, May 15th

DNA implicates South American drug lord, Marco Anaseli as the killer. But shhh - don't tell anyone ... Sharon's all up in Nick's business (learning he's helping Sage find a house) ... Mike is determined to end his marriage (and makes it perfectly clear to Lauren and Fen - then cries alone.. Sharon and Dylan discuss 'what this is'. Read more

Thursday, May 14th

Fen's back with a confession - and an envelope that may contain the killer's DNA .... When Phyllis takes her concerns to Victor, he and Yack butt heads (it seems 'Marco' is on the FBI's most wanted list) ... Joe dupes Avery ... Sharon and Dylan get horizontal. Read more

Wednesday, May 13th

Cabin fever strikes again - and Fen's back (to say he's been in contact with the killer - all along) ... Yack dreams in Spanish! While a puzzled Jack has a lunatic and a ghost for company ... Despite Sharon admiring to sending the text (to Avery) Dylan stands by his friend - and loses his fiancée. Read more

Tuesday, May 12th

Sage will have a miracle baby - and Nick will pretend he's happy about it ... Victor's forced to offer Adam a job equal to Vikki's (which doesn't go over well) ... Sharon doesn't want Nick around Sage - for Faith's sake ... Yack starts to remember; Istanbul ... The signature is 'inconclusive' ... Jack's still tied to his bed. Read more

Monday, May 11th

Sage needs a sandwich - she's eating for two (surprise Nick!) ... Yack awakens with convenient amnesia (which he'll use against Victor) But as Victor's about to inject his IV, Adam arrives .... Sharon's free - to kiss Dylan! .. If Kelly gives Jack enough drugs and dances him around, he may just believe they're married. Read more

Friday, May 8th

Sure the contract was forged, Billy and Ashley confront Nikki (who's tempted to drink) - who then confronts Victor ... After defending Nikki, Neil wishes Hilary and Devon bad karma - then kisses Gwen ... Chelsea and Adam have sex ... Billy hopes Vikki can live with what Victor's done to his family (and what it's doing to Nikki) Read more

Thursday, May 7th

As Ashley and Billy search for the merger contract, Victor and Neil convince Nikki to sign as a witness .... Much to Lily's distress, Cane continues to support Lauren (and is told by Mike that the marriage is over) ... Hilary and Devon make love. Read more

Wednesday, May 6th

Victor tells Neil that Jack didn't sign the merger - he'll need a forger ... Mike tells Lauren that he's not coming home - then hires a hooker to visit his suite ... Yack in an induced coma, it's Phyllis vs Ashley and Billy (re: Jabot) .. Sharon's text (from Dylan's phone) keeps Avery in Chicago. Excited to be released, she then kisses Dylan. Read more

Tuesday, May 5th

Jack's rescue fails (as does Dylan's trip to Chicago) .. Yack awakens in a hospital bed, Phyllis at his side. 'Victor' is his one and only word... Sharon is the most unwelcome bar patron ever - then, after taking her meds, agrees to stay behind bars so Paul can find the real killer. Read more

Monday, May 4th

Jack stabs Kelly with a pen, then manages to call Kyle's phone. As Yack answers, Kyle crashes the Ferrari ... Underground is re-opened; surprise attendee - Sharon (who's snuck out while Mike naps - sure the charges against her are about to be dropped) Read more