Thursday, January 5th

At CL’s, Jack hands over a whopper of a check to Martha, a woman who runs a job training program. I don’t know how to thank you, gives him a weepy hug and runs out. When Ashley arrives, Jack changes the subject to business – Lauren’s reaching out to investors.... Read more

Wednesday, January 4th

Hilary and Neil bump into one another at CL’s. She’s a wreck, so worried about Devon – what if he doesn’t wake up? Oh my God. All Hilary can do is go back to GCM and pray. Neil insists they put any animosity aside and go together; he’s my son.... Read more

Tuesday, January 3rd

Ben awakens Hilary in the lounge – they’ll have a better idea of Devon’s condition once the anesthesia wears off. Cardio arrest isn’t uncommon in his situation. Perhaps you should go home and rest – shower. Hilary’s not leaving GCM without Devon. Pulling up to park beside Billy in Jabot’s... Read more

Monday, January 2nd

Vikki’s surprised when Victor drops by – and grandpa gets a surprise himself. Reed?! At GC Buzz, Mariah leaves yet another message for Devon. He’s been in an accident, she’s told by Roz. I should go, Mariah runs off (leaving Roz asking about today’s show) Lily races into GCM to... Read more