Wednesday, January 18th

At GC Buzz, Mariah MUST apologize to Devon – for the whole teleprompter thing. Now that Hilary’s filled Devon in, Mariah’s can say she’s sorry she tricked Hilary into confessing to tripping her. If we lost you it’d be my fault. Hilary lurks and listens. Ashley blasts Jack (at the... Read more

Tuesday, January 17th

In his office, Kevin and Paul discuss Sharon – who may not understand that Dylan’s under ‘deep cover’. No, of course, Kevin didn’t ‘crack’ – he’d never risk this case of Dylan’s safety. Morning Derek, Alex purrs from the bed (in Miami Beach) – you’re busted. Busted? Dylan puts on... Read more

Monday, January 16th

That seat’s reserved for Fisk, Dylan tells the giant who jumps into the passenger seat of his car. He reads the note he’s handed – why would I drive 3 and a half miles with you? The silent behemoth reveals a large gun. Kevin’s on the phone at the station... Read more

Friday, January 13th

Coming through the club’s revolving door, Jill remarks on the press harassing Jack outside. He rants about the foundation’s reputation – Devon wasn’t even drunk when he crashed! When Jill blames his ‘little friend’, she’s left flabbergasted as Jack marches inside. Devon’s dreams/flashes were very intense. Don’t stress, Hilary distracts... Read more

Thursday, January 12th

Hilary awakens at 8 am to find Devon staring at her from his hospital bed. Never mind that Devon can’t remember anything before the benefit – Hilary’s just glad he’s healing. There’s something you need to know – I won’t ever leave your side ~hug~ Neil and Lily look in... Read more

Wednesday, January 11th

At CL’s for hot chocolate and doughnuts, Nick tells Faith that the new nanny will free them up for Dad/Daughter time. Nick’s sorry he’s been preoccupied. That’s OK – Mom’s been preoccupied too. Nick barely gets a chance to react when Sharon arrives. Running over, Faith asks for news of... Read more

Tuesday, January 10th

Kevin interrupts the Williams with an urgent update – the meeting with Fisk’s #2 is going down tonight. Paul orders Kevin to get any info he can on this guy; what colour socks he’s wearing. It’s Miami – he might not be wearing socks, Kevin quips. Sharon then barges in... Read more

Monday, January 9th

As Kevin’s sending Chris a text regarding the undercover operation, Chloe appears at the station to fill out a missing persons report. Her sexy boyfriend has gone missing. She then opens her coat. Judging by Kevin’s reaction, that’s all she’s wearing. At the club, Mr Hawkman’s excited to meet Lauren... Read more

Friday, January 6th

Ashley shows Ravi his new office – this is it. He thinks it ‘amazing’ (compared to past smelly cubicles) You’re amazing. I mean Jabot’s amazing. Ashley finds Ravi’s reaction refreshing – the last person who had this office didn’t like it (Phyllis) At the club, Lauren updates Phyllis on Gloria... Read more