Friday, February 3rd

Plotting my demise? Amused, Jack takes a seat at the bar. Pouring more champagne, Gloria’s equally smug as she talks about Jack not being able to get enough of her the other night – then the deal he reneged on. We’re done here, Jack gets up. But the show’s about... Read more

Thursday, February 2nd

Impressed with me? Hilary’s surprised and delighted. Devon knows it was hard for her to apologize – he’s missed this side of Hilary (who only cares what Devon thinks of her) At Brash n Sassy, Jill announces that she’s accomplished all her goals (no, not getting Billy and Vikki back... Read more

Wednesday, February 1st

Vikki arrives at work to inform Billy that she was out late at a concert last night – Reed’s happy (and here’s a T-shirt as a thank you) Vikki even made Zoey’s ‘witch’ photo her phone’s screensaver as a reminder to ease up on Reed. Billy then shows her an... Read more

Tuesday, January 31st

Phyllis finds Jack hungover and anxious for Lauren to get to his office to finalise this deal before Jill blows it up. It seems Lauren failed to consult with her partner. Lauren won’t be bullied by Jill; you’re all about Brash n Sassy and completely ignore Fenmores. I’m saving MY... Read more

Monday, January 30th

Jack awakens with a splitting headache – which gets no better when he finds an earring in bed. Oh dear God! Gloria’s equally horrified to find herself naked beside her former stepson. Bare-chested, Mike’s all over his utterly resistible wife – who has coffee ready and reminds that they both... Read more

Friday, January 27th

At the office, Jack’s anxious to close the Fenmore deal before Lauren pulls any more surprises (bringing Eric in was ‘dirty’) And eliminating Lauren’s other potential investors wasn’t? Ashley has to wonder if this has anything to do with Phyllis. Yes, Jack admits – it does. Over drinks at the... Read more

Thursday, January 26th

In Jack’s office, Ashley wonders why he’s had legal draw up a merger contract with Fenmores; doesn’t Lauren have another investor? Naw, she’s just trying to broker a better deal. Jack won’t ‘shred the contract and move on’ – he fights for what he wants. Lauren greets Eric Forrester at... Read more

Wednesday, January 25th

Reed!!! Vikki calls upstairs – then lets Nikki in to boast about being selected to chair the Better Days fundraiser. Perhaps Vikki can help come up with some ideas. Now’s not a good time – do you think I’m a cold person? Vikki blurts out. On the phone with Paul,... Read more

Tuesday, January 24th

Billy told you everything you needed to know about sex!? Here’s all you need to know – you’re too young, Vikki snaps. And Billy should keep his mouth shut – you’ve said more than enough. It’s MY turn. At Top of the Tower, Lauren’s on her phone ranting about Gloria... Read more

Monday, January 23rd

At Top of the Tower, Cane notices that Lily’s taking her anger out on her bread. Updated that Neil basically talked Devon into thinking twice before dumping Hilary, Cane gives her back the bread basket. Hilary’s at the penthouse to tell Devon that she’ll do whatever he wants – leave,... Read more