Tuesday, March 10th

Hilary learns Neil's secret ... Chris is PISSED when Kelly insists she lied - the charges against Phyllis will be dropped (on Victor's say so) ... Cabin fever continues - the kids find Abby stuffed under a bench in the park (alive it seems if anyone cares) Read more

Monday, March 9th

Victor continues his mysterious plan to bring Jack down (and question Nikki and Neil) ... Chris plans to prosecute Phyllis tomorrow - but Kelly won't be testifying! ... Neil confesses to Devon ... Joe's not done worming his way between Dylan and Avery. Read more

Thursday, March 5th

Still not back 100% but here we go. Nikki infuriates Chris .... Billy proposes to Chelsea (which leaves Vikki sad; but not as sad as Abby - and Summer) Read more

Monday, March 2nd

After a fight with Paul, over Nikki, Chris is hit by a car (driven by Nikki; but steered by a drunken Neil) ... More mystery is unvelied on Auston's laptop ... Kyle knows about Abby and Austin - and Kevin's learned that Kyle lied about the bloody towel. Read more

Friday, February 27th

Avery warns Nick that his 'friendship' with Sage and her silky panties might result in Sharon revisiting custody ... Victor's plot involving Kelly, Phyllis and Jack continues ... Phyllis provokes Chris - then (with Kyle) consoles Summer. Read more

Thursday, February 26th

Hilary lies - convincing Neil, Devon (and Lily) that she was lying about loving them ... Sage and Adam shack up with Billy and Chelsea ... As Summer ID's Austin's body (and leans on Kyle) Abby flashes back to her fling with Austin - while Kevin and Noah decide to test the blood on the towel (and Kyle's story) Read more

Wednesday, February 25th

What's worse than cheating with your blind hubby's son? Doing it strictly for revenge .... Lily may be ready to let Cane kiss her ass some more - but is he? ... Kyle explains the bloody towel in his trunk ... After calling a truce with Jack, Victor meets with a mystery ally. Read more

Tuesday, February 24th

Oops - the guy found in a ravine isn't Austin after all, it's Kyle (and what's the junk his trunk?) ... Jack and Victor share a room; which is going about as well as Phyllis and Kelly's chat... Nikki comes clean ... Adam visits Jack, and sees Nick and Sage hug.. Chelsea's in a huff. Read more