Tuesday, September 8th

*The show did not air yesterday* Jack hires Adam as an independent contractor to investigate the Paragon Project.... Cane and Mike find a witness - who implicates Devon and goes to the police when not rewarded .... Meeting her sister for lunch, Gwen bumps into Neil as he comes out of GCM's supply closet (for supplies for Hilary) - then relays to Lily that he was there for sleeping pills.... Vikki and Billy 'bond' on what would be their 5th wedding anniversary. Read more

Friday, September 4th

Stress (mostly over Victor) is causing Sage's problems ... Adam narrowly escapes being caught by Vikki - thanks to Ian and his hacker the virus is now on Victor's computer ... Ester leaves - believing Collin's been hitting on her (!) ... Victor is the only man for Nikki. Read more

Thursday, September 3rd

Katherine's family and friends gather to honour the two year anniversary of her passing .... The Paragon Project is a go - and downloaded onto Victor's computer by Adam, Ian Ward (and his hacker pal) ... Sage has cramping .... Neil continues to go between tending to Hilary - and lying to Devon and the family. He's also still pissed at Nikki. Read more

Wednesday, September 2nd

OOps. Forgot to update this blurb!! .... As Dylan goes to Nick for guidance, Sharon tells Mariah that she's pregnant (without even doing a pregnancy test!) ... As Victor refuses to compromise on visitation, Chelsea decides to flee to Paris. Adam realizes she planned t go alone (as he can't be fingerprinted) .....Mariah and Kevin decide to try dating.... Neil giving her the cold shoulder, Nikki blasts Victor for telling him to stay away from her. ... Jill returns for Kay's memorial (and to hear that the BIG deposit to their bank account is gambling winnings) Read more

Tuesday, September 1st

After Sharon fesses up (she was off her meds for a few days) Dylan talks to Nick ... Noah's not happy that his Grandpa tried to bribe Marisa (as Sage worries about Victor turning on her) ... The Abbott's adjust to Ashley being in charge ... As Chelsea and Adam decide it's time to return to Paris, Victor files for visitation with Connor. Read more

Monday, August 31st

Nikki's left speechless by harsh words from Neil and Paul ... Ignoring Mariah, Sharon continues to lie to Dylan ... Declaring his love for Marisa, Noah's stunned when Victor's check for 500K is delivered, followed by Victor himself ... Neil's busted by Victor (who'll keep the intel to himself IF Neil stays away from Nikki) .. Strings are pulled - Devon's out on bail ... Trust is still a factor between Lily and Cane. Read more

Friday, August 28th

Nick and Sage's party is host to the usual assortment of Newman and Abbott's ... Billy annoys Vikki .. Ashley accepts Jack's offer of sole CEO (but not so much Ben's relationship with Abby) ... Victor threatens Marisa ... Chelsea catches the bouquet - and agrees to stay on a few more days so (Adam's not done with Victor; who can put Chelsea Lawson on burlap sacks for all she cares .... Nikki and Victor are suspicious of Neil (who asks for Victor's help) Read more

Thursday, August 27th

By anonymous sealed bids, it's decided that Chelsea will design for Newman (neither she, Adam, nor the Abbott's are happy) ... Marisa and Sage bond over their shared secret - while Mariah's pressured to keep Sharon's (she'll get pregnant asap, so Dylan will never know she lost the baby) ... Ben's defense of Abby gives Ashley something to think about (as she's asked to be co CEO of Jabot) Read more

Wednesday, August 26th

Nick and Sage say I do .... As Noah continues to worry about his Mom, Sharon confides her miscarriage to Mariah .... Chelsea agrees to come back to GC - but only for 48 hours (so Adam can get closure with Victor - who's NOT getting the fashion line) ... Nikki wonders if Neil really WAS in Canada ... Ignoring Lily and Mike and determined to leave his suite to find Hilary, Devon's promptly handcuffed. Read more

Tuesday, August 25th

Having just bought a new house in Paris, will Chelsea return to GC to keep her fashion line out of Victor's hands? The answer is Yes if Billy or Adam have a say .. Victor wins - Abby will stay on at Newman .... Sharon flips out about Noah expecting her to flip out (as Nick and Sage bump up their wedding to sunset tonight ... Jack decides to step back from Jabot. At Phyllis' suggestion, he'll make Ashley co CEO... Oh look who just so happens to be an ordained Minister! Read more