Monday, August 24th

Mike and Lily arrive in the Virgin Isles - where Devon's honeymoon is not going as expected .... Neil and Collin are acting shady (but it seems Neil wasn't the one to shove Hilary off the mountain) ... Sage's baby shower is eventful; Sharon and Dylan's engagement news is revealed - but she ends up crying a lot of happy tears ... Paul suspects Victor - but of what? Read more

Friday, August 21st

Victor ships Marco back to the Peruvian prison (minus one ear) - and Marisa's free to start a new life (as long as she keeps her mouth shut) .... Sharon suffers a miscarriage - but is too busy accepting Dylan's marriage proposal to tell him ... Kevin continues to wonder about the connection between Harding and Annacelli ... Ben decides he's terrified of losing Abby (who will now take him home) Read more

Thursday, August 20th

Now Marisa, Jack, Phyllis and Victor are all at the cabin with a tied up Marco ..... Meanwhile, Noah, Kevin, Sharon, Mariah and Summer are watching CCTV - as Dylan, and then Paul confront Harding on the rooftop. Sharon screeches as a shot's fired .... The cops have reason to believe that Hilary has fallen - and are suspicious that Devon caused it! Read more

Wednesday, August 19th

Jack leaves Marco to plead to Marisa (while he goes to Victor for help in putting an end to Marco once and for all) .... Hilary sees the video on Neil's phone but believes it fake. So where has she gone then?? Devon panics .... As the kids update Dylan, Noah goes to confront Harding! Read more

Tuesday, August 18th

The merger now officially dissolved, Jack must answer to Phyllis and Ashley, while Victor must do the same with Nikki and Vikki ....Thanks to Marisa, Jack now has Marco's fate in his hands .... Hilary and Devon's honeymoon has hit a snag; Neil.... The Ashby's reconcile. Read more

Monday, August 17th

After a visit from ghost John, Jack decides to ignore Victor's threats and take action (or will he?) .... Marisa joins Marco at the cabin ... Harding isn't happy to have Dylan following him around (in training) ... Nikki volunteers to throw Sage a baby shower (then has harsh words with Phyllis - who is still really pissed off at Victor) ... Kevin continues to try put the pieces together. Read more

Friday, August 14th

Much to Collin's disappointment, Neil says a few nice words about forgiveness and asks him to delete the video ... Kevin gets closer to truth, Marisa squirms when introduced to 'Jack' ... Jack (and Phyllis) arrive to meet Victor at NE. But it's really Marco. Harding intercedes and ends up on the end of Marco's gun.... Sharon initially objects - then agrees to let Dylan be a cop like his Daddy. Read more

Wednesday, August 12th

Chelsea will start a new life in Paris with Adam - uh, no she won't ... Summer starts to remember more - which worries Harding... Marco's ordered both Harding and Victor to help get rid of Jack (as he continues to puzzle over the Paragon Project) and bread sticks! .... The wedding fast approaching, Nikki warns Hilary to be careful, Collin blackmails Devon - and Hilary confronts Neil on what he has planned. Read more

Tuesday, August 11th

OMG. I forgot to hit the 'publish' button yesterday. D'oh!! An interesting series of flashbacks fill in some gaps - how Marco partnered up with Harding and who the real killer is.... Phyllis, Jack and Victor must join forces to eliminate a common threat ... Vikki passes Billy's test, but is pissed that he gave her one ... Who's behind the Paragon Project??? .... Kevin and Mariah convince Paul to investigate Harding (who's now to help Marco take over Jack's life, and wife, again) Read more