Monday, August 10th

I'm just getting back into the routine so expect typos and grammatical errors, perhaps the odd sentence that goes nowhere. Just read it already! Oh, if you subscribed within the past 3 days, please give me one more day to add you to the list. Thanks all for your patience and kind words, I'm back baby!!! Biggest thanks of all to Lyndsay for getting us back up and running!! She worked her ASS off people! Read more

Friday, August 7th

On the rooftop, Devon asks Cane if he’s soon Collin (leading Cane to quip that he’s up to no good as usual) Also on the roof, Hilary flashes back to Neil’s words – “Suspicious minds and lies will rip love apart” . Lily’s an enthusiastic wedding planne. Hilary knows it’ll... Read more

Thursday, August 6th

Ben and Ashley chat at GCM – he’s actually like to talk to her about what’s bothering him. Abby brings a favourable report to Victor. Her next assignment is to represent NE at a conference – today. Oh, and Vikki’s going to Milwaukee too. I wonder what’s keeping her. Shall... Read more

Wednesday, August 5th

No time for spellcheck or proof reading. Jack is livid – never in his darkest nightmares did he imagine the lengths Victor would go to to get what he wanted; having a vicious criminal take his place, sleep with his wife. Don’t tell me to calm down! I call the... Read more

Tuesday, August 4th

Phyllis welcomes Marco 'home' by knocking him out - too bad he gets up and escapes .... There's a leak within the PD; the cop who was guarding Victor .... Jack doesn't want to involve the cops OR go to Marisa as Marco (but it appears he does as Marco's at the cabin calling for help) ...Neil and Hilary get stuck in the elevator... Read more

Monday, August 3rd

As Noah's feelings for Marisa intensify, so does the search (and suspicion) about Marco (who of course makes his return. Unfortunately, Jack and Victor are too busy with each other to notice) ... Sharon claims that's she ever so happy for the newly engaged Nick and Sage,. Read more

Friday, July 31st

Told the whole truth, Phyllis vows revenge against Victor .... When Marisa helps the police put out a sketch of Marco, Kevin''s suspicious. Victor's glad it looks nothing like Jack - it'll give him time to find Marco before the cops .... Noah confronts Marisa on meeting his grandpa at the park ... Billy and Vikki spend some family time, while Ashley assures Abby that she has no respect or love left for Victor. Read more

Thursday, July 30th

Cane can't forgive Lily, but he won't use the twins against her - they'll co-parent .... The wedding fast approaching, Devon lives with the guilt of (not) cheating on Hilary. Having hired Collin to take the video, Neil has the ammo to blow up Devon and Hilary's relationship .... Victor convinces Nick to stay on at Newman ... In Istanbul, Phyllis questions Jack - and is stunned to hear that there were two Jack Abbott's. Read more

Tuesday, July 28th

There's a distance between Jack and Phyllis that a trip to Istanbul likely won't fix ... While Lily helps plan a wedding, Cane hits the bottle; Neil continues to envision revenge against Hilary and Devon ... Ben and Abby are not on the same planet ... Adam's not grateful to have his freedom and his job ... A heart attack won't keep Paul from his job or family ... Great - GC has yet another unstable young person... Having already botched a PTSD storyline with Dylan, why would the writers try again with a new character? Read more