Monday, August 15th

** The message boards are down. I’ll update as soon as I know more. Sorry for the inconvenience.** Billy comes home to find that Jill’s redecorated the house she might be throwing him out of. Starting her shift at the club, Bethany finds a key. Summer’s pissed to walk into... Read more

Friday, August 12th

At NE, Victor finally convinces Chloe to hand over the journal pages (his money will ensure they don’t take the fall) Adam doesn’t deserve to set foot outside of prison, she sighs. He’s suffered, Victor assures Chloe. Remaining in his cell, Adam tells the guard that he’s skipping dinner. Meanwhile,... Read more

Thursday, August 11th

Nikki bursts into Sharon’s looking for Dylan. No, he’s not ‘at work’ – you really need to keep better track of your husband. Well, if it isn’t Dylan McAvoy, Victor says as he and Chloe are interrupted at the park. Everything’s fine – none of your business. We were just... Read more

Wednesday, August 10th

In the pen, Adam pens a letter to birthday boy Connor – hopefully they can celebrate together next year. Dylan visits – yes, he’s still investigating but don’t tell anyone. Adam appreciates that Dylan believes him – and does not believe Chloe (as Chelsea does) Now to prove it so... Read more

Tuesday, August 9th

Luca just can’t keep his hands and lips off Summer – who pushes him off her so she can go see Chelsea about designing her wedding dress. Phyllis is meeting her there. Raincheck, Luca admires Summer’s exit. Nick’s on video chat – with Victor and Phyllis (together in his office)... Read more

Monday, August 8th

Victor’s at Jabot to ask Phyllis to put their ‘petty differences’ aside and work together to get Luca out of Summer’s life. Jack walks in to hear the plan and restrain Phyllis (who doesn’t agree that their differences are petty) Luca pressures Summer – we aren’t rushing things – let’s... Read more

Friday, August 5th

Mariah finds Kevin hyperventilating after a run to clear his head – he’s in crisis mode. Natalie didn’t take well to being friend-zoned. Kevin wants to get back with Chloe – and needs Mariah’s help to make that happen. Off to see Adam, Chelsea thanks Chloe for visiting him. She’s... Read more

Thursday, August 4th

My heir apparent stepped in today. Thanks Riley!! Phyllis scrambles into the board meeting apologizing and frantically taking her seat. She spins her chair around, and locks eyes with Billy, who is seated directly across from her. In disgust, she asks him what the hell he’s doing there. Jack informs... Read more

Wednesday, August 3rd

In their new office, Billy’s not interested in Cane’s marketing ideas for Brash n Sassy – he’s more focused on being named to Jack and Neil’s foundation at today’s meeting. When did you start caring about charity? Cane wonders. In his office, Jack tells a busy Phyllis that she doesn’t... Read more

Tuesday, August 2nd

Sully asleep in the tent, Dylan and Faith take some relaxing deep breaths of forest air. Enter Sharon squealing that she’s got poison ivy or poison oak! Mariah worries they’ll all die – what are we doing here!? Summer and Luca are at home. He thinks she should change her... Read more