Thursday, June 23rd

It wasn’t me, Travis insists. Vikki doesn’t know what to believe. Then I’m sorry for you, Travis is then scolded by Nick – it wouldn’t be the first time a man’s looked you in the eye and lied – and it’s not like this one has a merit badge for... Read more

Wednesday, June 22nd

At the office, Nick asks Vikki if there could be a link between Travis and the oil spills. He lied about who he is – because he hated his life, but Vikki has to consider that Luca might be right. Travis knew who I was? It’s a possibility. In NE’s... Read more

Tuesday, June 21st

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor have enjoyed a camping experience complete with sleeping bags, s’mores and campfire stories. Chelsea grows quite – it’s important to make these memories with the trial around the corner. In the infirmary, Meredith and Victor quickly realize that Ian had the guard replace her note with... Read more

Monday, June 20th

Billy won’t lose Phyllis either – it’s not how our love story ends. Oh? Is that what this is? Yes, I love you, Phyllis (who gazes up into Billy’s eyes) At the club, Jack knows that Neil kidnapped Hilary. I dragged the whole ugly story out of her; how you... Read more

Friday, June 17th

OK, I’ll tell you the whole thing, Mariah caves under Kevin’s pressure. Stop! Sharon returns home. Stop what? What’s going on? Dylan’s as curious as Sharon is terrified. As Billy and Phyllis make out on his sofa, both their cell phones go off. Coincidence? Billy and Phyllis check their phones... Read more

Thursday, June 16th

At home, Billy finishes talking to Johnny and thanks Hannah for updating Vikki on the change of plans this weekend. Hanging up, Billy pauses to flashback to hugging Phyllis – wishing he could hold her away from prying eyes. At the club, Jack snaps Phyllis out of her daydreaming to... Read more

Wednesday, June 15th

As Sharon’s about to feed Sully, Mariah bursts in – there’s been an accident. Call 911 right now! Hurry! There’s no dial tone, Sharon runs for her cell. There’s a woman and a baby in the other car! OMG! Sharon gasps as a bloodied Sage plods in – you were... Read more

Tuesday, June 14th

We need to talk, Jack shouts at Billy’s front door (seeing his car and knowing he’s home) Billy opens the door buttoning his shirt. Maybe I’m interrupting, Jack frowns. At the risk of sounding cynical, Ian wonders when Adam’s ever helped him. Adam vows he’ll help Ian escape – after... Read more

Monday, June 13th

At the penthouse, Mike informs that the lab tech wasn’t paid off by Victor. He bought a boat! Adam sputters. He fudged results for Dr Neville’s drug trial, Mike adds that his experts weren’t able to prove Sage’s journal was faked. Ian’s testimony is all we have. In his solitary... Read more

Friday, June 10th

At Billy’s the debate continues. Phyllis loves Jack. We have to tell him, Billy insists – today. Someone will tell him – my pretend girlfriend doesn’t have a filter. We can explain to Jack. But how can Phyllis explain what she doesn’t understand herself? After Lily reluctantly calls 911, Hilary’s... Read more