Thursday, March 26th

The plot thickens - in fact it's now so thick you can stand a spoon up in it ... Secrets spill; Ben tells Abby that he shagged her Mom .... Sharon might just blab that Nick broke a girl's neck ... Kyle writes notes in lipstick ... Avery notices Gabe's signatures don't match. Read more

Friday, March 20th

Victor's plan against Jack continues .... Kelly escapes cops at a foreign airport ... Ashley wonders if Ben's sleeping with Abby ... Hex will go to market without competition ... Sharon reveals why she wanted Austin's laptop. Read more

Monday, March 16th

Victor manages to get rid of Kelly - before a suspicious Jack and Phyllis barge into the ranch .... Hilary mopes - the Ashby's make up - over Nikki and Devon's protests, Neil confesses to Paul. Read more

Friday, March 13th

As the 'party' continues, Jack talks a drunken Adam out of his announcement ... The kids now suspect Ben (who, along with Abby, finds another message) ... Kelly knocks Phyllis out ... Victor continues to plot with his mystery partner... Read more

Thursday, March 12th

After Abby confides in Ben, he confronts Kevin (who's going through Austin's hate-filled videos)... Chelsea and Billy's engagement party gets off to a shaky start. And best man 'Gabe' has something to say ... Vikki conspires with Victor, and mopes over Billy. Read more

Wednesday, March 11th

The kids realize that Austin's killer isn't one of them - but possibly a family member (and possibly because of the expose)... The Baldwins's squabble ... Sharon encourages her friend ... Avery and Dylan continue to struggle... Phyllis burns a wedding dress. Read more