Tuesday, November 17th

Much to Chelsea's distress, Adam's taken off to prison .... Word spreads that Ian's body wasn't found; either Adam lied and he was never there, or he escaped and is the reason Paragon's again attacking Jabot and Newman.... All suspect Billy's up to no good ... After Hilary faints, more blood tests are done. Emma confronts Neil - you were the one who hired Dr Neville! Read more

Monday, November 16th

Nikki warns the Judge to do what Victor asks, then makes it clear she isn't happy about him having an affair with a married woman (never mind that he was single at the time) .... Ashley is NOT happy to hear that the Newman's will be setting up shop at Jabot ... Billy and Phyllis are up to something.... Ben confides in Dylan - then decides his future is with Abby ... As Nick and Sage drift apart, nurse Susan is tending to a healthy Christian. Read more

Friday, November 13th

Nikki is told what Victor has over the Moxley's - seems the Judge had an affair. What Nikki wasn't told? The affair was with Victor ... At Katie's party, Victor surprises all by accepting the Abbott's offer. Phyllis and Billy shake hands on a deal to bring down Victor ... Ashley continues to insist that Ben forget about her and marry Abby. Ben continues to insist that it's Ashley he loves. Read more

Thursday, November 12th

While the Judge assigned to the appeal causes concern, Adam and Victor make a deal ... Gwen will fight for her man .... Hilary continues to reject Devon (much to his disappointment) ... Neil insists Hilary take the pills that might restore her memory. Read more

Wednesday, November 11th

As Dylan gets closer to the truth, Neil tells Hilary almost everything ... Neil and Gwen must find a furious Hilary (before Dylan does) and also to give her life saving medication ... Now home, Nick and Sage give Faith the bad news ... Sure that Adam was Christian's Father, Victor again resorts to blackmail - he'll pay off the Judge if Adam will help him rebuild Newman - and screw over Jack. Read more

Tuesday, November 10th

Paul questions Dr Sketchy (disguised as a delivery guy) - but remains oblivious ... Hilary remembers something - about Neil .... Friends and family gather at GCM's chapel to honour the short life of Christian Newman (whom Victor suspects was Fathered by Adam) .... Jack and Billy continue to pimp their office space (which Victor wants no part of) Read more

Monday, November 9th

Victor rejects Jack's offer (much to the annoyance of Vikki) .... As the memorial is planned, Sage continues to wallow .... Victor succeeds in having Adam's transfer postponed .... Marisa and Luca are still getting nowhere with one another. Read more

Friday, November 6th

Ben tells Ashley that he meant what he said - he loves her. Told to forget about it, Ben goes along with an excited Abby's wedding plans ... Sage lashes out at Nick (as Vikki plans a small service) ... Billy has a great idea - letting NE operate from a few floors of Jabot .... At Fairview, Dr Anderson lets Dylan and Sharon chat over video, delights him with the sonogram, then feeds him lies about Patty (who was obsessed with Sharon) ... Hilary's still convinced that she loves Neil - and Gwen's not happy about that. Read more

Thursday, November 5th

Ashley lies to protect Abby (as Ben fights for his life) ... Chelsea convinces Chris to ease up on Adam ... Paul confronts Dr Anderson on his sister's escape (and death) ... As Nick and Sage mourn their loss, Dr Anderson continues to manipulate a vulnerable Sharon. Read more

Wednesday, November 4th

All are safely out, except for Cane (Adam carries Ben and leads Ashley and Abby to safety) Ian's trapped under debris, but perhaps Patty can help 'hot stuff' .... Nick and Sage (especially Sage) are devastated to hear that their son has died - and demand to see him. Read more