Thursday, June 9th

Packing up at Sharon’s, Paul and Dylan must go to the ‘source’ for info. Now knowing that it’s not Victor after all, they must regroup. Dylan sees only one question that needs to be answered – why was Hilary Hamilton paying this guy off? On the patio, Ashley rants to... Read more

Wednesday, June 8th

Did you follow me here? Vikki asks. Nick’s there (at Hank’s) because Vikki shouldn’t be. You’re crossing the line, she scowls. Who are you? Travis wonders. I’m her brother, who the hell are you? Nick glares menacingly. On the rooftop deck, Luca’s online looking at a profile of Travis Crawford... Read more

Tuesday, June 7th

At home, Paul shows Dylan the results of his investigation – our tech has been on a spending spree – the money trail is obvious. Is he THAT stupid? Only one way to find out. Dylan and Paul head out. Chelsea tells Mike what she heard from Dylan; a lab... Read more

Monday, June 6th

At the club, Paul updates Chris that he’s investigating another angle to Adam’s case – Victor could have had the autopsy results altered to frame his son. Chris huffs – come ON, who’s side are you on?? Ian stops bu Victor’s table – you look melancholy – shall I call... Read more

Friday, June 3rd

Again? Ashley visits Billy – GCM is going to start charging you rent. Billy’s fine – his ego took the worst of it. He grumbles that Jack wasted no time blabbing that he had a female passenger. Ashley scolds him – a lot of people love you – you have... Read more

Thursday, June 2nd

My daughter Riley recapped today’s show because I’m on a road trip to Niagara Falls 🙂 The show begins in Victor’s patient room where he has his back to the door. When it opens he is expecting it to be Dr. Gates. Instead it is Dr. Thaxture. Ian enters the... Read more

Wednesday, June 1st

As Billy’s rushed into GCM, an officer tells Ben that he was riding at a good clip – someone called 911. Meanwhile, Phyllis is washing up in a gas station restroom, near tears and checking the bruise on her shoulder. Jack calls to fill her in – where are you?... Read more

Tuesday, May 31st

At the park, Cane talks to Katherine’s plaque. Whining about Hilary, he wishes Kay were there to advise him on how to handle this. Handle what? Maybe I can help, Nikki appears to offer. Today’s the day. At the club, Neil thanks Lily for her help in dedicating Kay’s wing... Read more

Monday, May 30th

Luca continues to manipulate Summer and Vikki (despite Billy and Noah's attempts to expose his lies) .... Billy and Vikki spend some time together when Johhny gets sick ... More lies from Sharon and Mariah ... Nick refuses to help Adam - and he won't run; even though Maximum Moxley is the Judge assigned to his case. Read more

Friday, May 27th

Chelsea comes down to ask Adam if he slept last night. No, Adam watched Connor sleep (worried that he might go to prison) Chelsea won’t let Victor ruin their lives. When Mike arrives, Adam guesses he has no good news. At the office, Luca and Summer update Noah – reporters... Read more