Thursday, April 17th

More evidence piles up against Sharon (who's now even doubted by Noah) Billy confesses to kissing Vikki - Chelsea doesn't confess to sleeping with Adam (who's NOT happy to hear that she still plans to marry Billy - asap) Her credit cards cut off, Sage is saved by Nick .... Summer wants to slow things down with Kyle ... Read more

Wednesday, April 15th

After seeing Billy kissing Vikki, Chelsea makes a beeline for Adam; tit for tat.... Lauren tells Cane that Mike's pushing her away. It seems she's right - now Sharon's lawyer, Mike must stay at her place! .. Ben will continue to protect Abby. Read more

Tuesday, April 14th

Vikki and Billy come to an agreement - Billy then gets into a fight with Adam (who's just had a run in with Victor) ... Kelly's drugging Jack - and determined tomake him love her again... fauxJack won't let messages from Ashley interrupt his honeymoon ... Nick hires Sage. Read more

Monday, April 13th

Sharon's arrested by Paul ... Avery fusses over Joe (who might be paralyzed) ... faux-Jack and Phyllis get married - while Kelly has real Jack tied to a bed .... Victor and Vikki show Ashley and Billy proof that Jack accessed NE's servers (Billy also has video of Jack accessing Jabot's servers) Read more

Friday, April 10th

Joe's in sugery - and Paul's questioning a devastated Avery ... Her prints on the tire iron, Sharon continues to unravel... Kyle and Summer have sex - Noah's not impressed... Mike continues to push Lauren towards Cane. Read more

Thursday, April 9th

Avery receives her award - then kisses Joe - and pushes him over the balcony! ... Dylan and Sharon get the results - the tire iron has Austin's blood and her finger prints ... Jack and Phyllis jet off to get married ... Victor continues to be Victor ... Adam helps Chelsea through a crisis. Read more

Wednesday, April 8th

Victor interrupts Leslie questioning Nikki ... Hilary works on the ADA (who Devon failed to convince) Neil won't run - he'll stand trial like a man ... Kyle and Summer will be attending the benefit; honouring Avery ... Sage and Gabe are officially over ... Chelsea has upsetting news - and only Gabe to confide in. Read more

Tuesday, April 7th

Paul blasts Dylan - who hires Avery with 1$ and asks her to test the tire iron he found ... Noah lashes out - Nick learns about Sharon's interview ... Could Victor use Ashley's secret against the Abbotts'? ... Billy asks Kevin for help (which again leads to Victor) Read more

Monday, April 6th

Gabe tells Chelsea half of the truth .... The gang finally tells Paul everything - and now he's investigating two murders .. Dylan finds what Sharon saw thrown from the car at the cabin ... Sage is there for Nick. Read more

Friday, April 3rd

After Gabe tells Chelsea that Sage is sleeping with Nick, Sage tells Chelsea that Gabe's been playing her ... The cabin gang finds Courtney - dead ... A mystery person takes the GCPD's computers down ... Warned/updated by Avery, Dylan questions Sharon. Read more