Tuesday, December 15th

Ashley steps down as CEO - then expresses interest in Dr Neville's work (after passing out at the park and chatting with her Dad) .... Devon agrees to cut Dr Neville a check ... Victor kisses Adam's ass, tries to gently get rid of Sage - then annoys Nikki by gloating to Jack and Phyllis ... Neil kisses Hilary ... Lily convinces Cane to give the kids one last family Christmas. Read more

Monday, December 14th

After apologies from both Ben and Ashley, Abby makes her decision on whether to marry Ben or not .... Jack's press conference is taken over by Victor (who wins yet again) ... Billy's day gets even worse; Vikki's done with him, Victor's gloating, and a furious Jack fires him ... One more person does a face plant in the park ... Sully's a crybaby, until Uncle Nick calms him. Read more

Friday, December 11th

Luca continues to drive a wedge between Noah and Marisa (and Victor) ... Jack prepares for his press conference to expose Victor (against Phyllis and Ashley's wishes) ... Abby (and Ben) are caught in the middle of Victor and Ashley's feud ... Billy begs Vikki for one more chance. Read more

Thursday, December 10th

Short on time today – you know the drill. Adam and Chelsea’s snuggling is interrupted by a knock at the door. Sage – she did something crazy. Hi neighbours (she shows off her key) Will you marry me? Right now? Dylan proposes. Yes! As luck would have it, Paul became... Read more

Wednesday, December 9th

As Dr Anderson continues to pull strings, Dylan proposes to Sharon - Sage and Nick's attempt to reconnect is short lived.... Joe sees through Lily and Cane's plans to set him up. Devon and Cane head off to rescue her (unaware that Joe won't let her leave the Abbott cabin) Read more

Tuesday, December 8th

Marisa meets her daughter's 'Mama' and comes to a painful but selfless decision .... Noah warns Victor that the Santori's are arms dealers - getting no reaction, he calls the feds .... Kevin confides his top secret project to Mariah. Eavesdropping, Billy wants in.... Unable to get Victor to compromise, Jack declares war. Read more

Monday, December 7th

Chelsea suspects there's something going on between Adam and Sage ... Nick reaches out to Sage again ... Marisa finds and makes small talk with Eva (as Luca watches) ... Kevin's relays information to Noah - and has found something to indicate Luca's lying.... Will Billy be cut loose from Jabot? It's the safeguard Adam thinks will save Jack and the others from Victor's revenge. Read more

Friday, December 4th

Nick's tries to talk to Sage at the penthouse ... Chelsea realizes that Sage fell in love with Adam ... Vikki and Victor approve Adam's plan - to sue Jabot (Vikki's glad the plan's legal, but will never trust Adam) ... Phyllis tells Ashley why she hates Victor so much... Finding Billy drinking and gambling at the club, Jack washes his hands of him. Read more

Thursday, November 3rd

As Nick seeks guidance from the Minister, Chelsea's not quite onboard with Adam comforting Sage .... Noah's bummed when Marisa leaves with Luca (to go get their daughter) ... Ashley tries to sway Adam over to the Abbott's camp - then has a heated exchange with Ben, in front of Abby ... When Billy's arrested for drinking and driving, Vikki goes to the station to read him the riot act (and vow to keep the kids safe from his self destructive ways) Read more

Wednesday, December 2nd

At the Christening, Sage holds Sully ... Billy's having a really bad day - Ashley and Vikki are both furious with him; Victor gloats.... Marisa does what she must to gt information from Luca (much to Noah's distress) .... Ashley wonders what Victor did to Phyllis - and what he has on Adam. Read more