Friday, July 15th

Chelsea’s reluctant to get out of bed – this can’t be happening. How could Victor break his promise to you? To us? We have a life to live, she tears up. Adam still has hope – there’s proof out there that I’m innocent. And Chelsea will find it ~kiss~ At... Read more

Thursday, July 14th

Jack’s summoned Neil to the club to update his pal that Phyllis has moved in upstairs – she needs time alone. But Jack wants to talk to Neil about letting Hilary go. Yes, Devon’s still at Hilary’s bedside – where else would he be? And when Neville comes in to... Read more

Wednesday, July 13th

Chelsea’s ready to celebrate with champagne – Dylan must have been called away because Victor’s coughed up the real journal pages. I had to sell my soul to the devil, Adam whines. As an optimistic Chelsea pops the cork, Mike arrives. Adam’s as good as free, she announces. Dylan’s pulled... Read more

Tuesday, July 12th

At Hank’s, Travis tries to coerce Vikki into escaping with him – an emotional and physical time-out she needs desperately. Billy’s on the phone asking the nanny to bring the kids over so he can spend the rest of the day with them – he’ll let Vikki know there’s been... Read more

Monday, July 11th

Why are you so mean to me? When did I become the enemy? Devon complains to Hilary. Sure, he was upset that she confided in Jack – but he still loves her. Let me help you. Hilary guesses ‘they’ told him ‘it’s cheaper to keep me’. Talk to my lawyer.... Read more

Friday, July 8th

From his hospital bed, Victor asks Adam to run NE until he’s released. And the evidence against me will just disappear? Adam just needs to swallow his pride and go back on promises he made to his wife? Do we have a deal? Victor asks. At the penthouse, Kevin and... Read more

Thursday, June 7th

At GCM to see her Dad, Abby lectures Paul on her Dad saving Phyllis and Nikki. He admits they may very well owe their lives to Victor. Hi sweetheart, Victor says weakly as she enters the room. An emotional Abby gives him a tight hug. At the penthouse, Adam and... Read more

Wednesday, July 6th

Behind Victor’s desk, Nick has to hand it to his Dad – going from escaped convict to hero in mere hours. Summer arrives to say her Grandpa’s not some dangerous criminal. Ian is and back in a cell, Luca adds. Nick updates that Vikki’s with her Mom. Reminding that Adam... Read more

Tuesday, July 5th

Summer awakens in bed with Luca – who won’t let her check her phone. There’s kissing to be done. At GCM, Nick and Vikki are frustrated. Still no sign of Mom or Dad (thanks to Meredith giving him a lead) The guard refusing to let them see Dr Gates, Vikki... Read more

Monday, July 4th

From his hospital bed, Victor whines about being humiliated and put in prison by his loving family. I do everything for my family – do you know what it feels like to be abandoned? I testified to save Adam. I tried to save your Mother from that lunatic. Meredith stops... Read more