Friday, September 16th

Summer bumps into Nick at the club. Giving him the cold shoulder, she’s been too busy to call him back. Yes, she heard about her Mom – it’s all over social media. Your Mom’s gonna need us right now, Nick says. Jack’s gonna need us too, Summer snaps. Reporters enter... Read more

Thursday, September 15th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck today…. At home, Jack demands an answer from Phyllis – did you sleep with Billy? After a long pause, she answers ‘yes’. Billy is weak and stupid – I should never have pursued Phyllis but we have a connection. He thinks everything would have worked... Read more

Wednesday, September 14th

Nikki’s surprised to find Paul at her door – isn’t the police surveillance over? Walking in, Paul’s there about their son – to pull Dylan back from the ledge. At the station, Victor scoffs at Dylan doodling on his blackboard – let’s get playtime over with (he holds his wrists... Read more

Tuesday, September 13th

At the lab, Ashley finds Billy directing a gaggle of bikini-clad women in some sort of audition/fashion shoot (which includes drinking shooters) She shuts the music off – playtime’s over little brother. Time to put away your toys. Jill accosts Phyllis at the club – I heard you ended things... Read more

Monday, September 12th

Nick had hoped to take Chelsea and Connor to the park. He’s spending the day with Chloe and Bella – Chelsea’s at the studio. Nick doesn’t think she should be rushing back to work. Chloe knows her best friend – she needs to move on and accept life without Adam.... Read more

Friday, September 9th

At the park, Phyllis confesses – she said she was committed to making the marriage work but I wasn’t. I betrayed you, she tells Jack. Home, Jill won’t let Billy blame her for his mistakes – Phyllis isn’t worth destroying your family over. She cheated on Jack with Nick and... Read more

Thursday, September 8th

At the station, Paul appreciates Summer coming in to do her statement. Luca’s still in holding (if she’d like some closure) Nope – everything Summer needed to say is in her statement. Exiting Paul’s office, she sees Luca. Phyllis was with Billy to avoid Victor’s big show of grief. Jill... Read more

Wednesday, September 7th

Victor shares things that need to be said – Adam would do anything for his family – he was like me; sometimes ruthless. As Jill slips in, the mourners are told that Victor blames himself for Adam’s death. I wanted to control Adam’s life, Victor admits. And as Kevin slips... Read more

Tuesday, September 6th

The Newman’s gather at Top of The Tower to honour Adam. Nikki ruffles Sharon’s feathers then butts heads with Nick over Victor going to see Chelsea. Chloe fusses over Connor then loses her smile when Victor shows up at the penthouse. Coming down the stairs, Chelsea glares at Victor (who... Read more

Monday, September 5th

In Paul’s office, Chelsea takes Nick’s bad news as one might expect. No! Adam’s alive! This isn’t real. Mike extends his sympathies and slips out to question Paul and Dylan (who’re investigating the explosion) Victor’s in the front seat of his car, Chloe the back. No, she didn’t make the... Read more