Friday, March 17th

At the office, Ashley and Jack butt heads. She needs to take a more active role because of his bad decision-making. It’s MY name on the door. For now, Ashley challenges. Downstairs, at BnS, Vikki counters Billy’s fury with strategy; let’s offer the hockey league more that Jack can afford... Read more

Tuesday, March 14th

Over breakfast at Top of the Tower, Billy asks about his sister’s power struggle with Jack and praises Jabot’s acquisition of Fenmores (and the great new app) Likewise, Ashley congratulates Billy on the Sato deal. But why did Vikki send Cane instead of you? Reed’s in Vikki’s office with another... Read more

Monday, March 13th

How’s the view? Nikki arrives at Top of the Tower. Magnificent, gorgeous, Victor kisses his wife. Nikki wants tonight to go smoothly – so yes, Victor must tolerate the Abbott’s. Drinking at the GCAC bar, Ashley’s on the phone whining about having to attend tonight’s opera charity event by herself... Read more

Friday, March 10th

On video chat with Cane and Juliette, Vikki expresses relief – South Korea’s all locked up. Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, Cane raves – BnS is about to become a serious player in the Asian market. Vikki’s so impressed with both Cane and Juliette – go have a night of celebration... Read more

Thursday, March 9th

Lauren smacks the food out of Mike’s hand. It’s for Scott! All of it? he quips. In tears and nervous, Lauren just wants breakfast to go perfectly. Going to peek in on Scott, Lauren runs back out alarmed – he’s gone! At CL’s, Chloe chides Kevin about leaving her with... Read more

Wednesday, March 8th

Divorce me or forgive me, Hilary gives Devon an ultimatum. Grabbing the divorce papers, she won’t leave the penthouse until he decides. What difference does it make? You’re already moving on – or is Lily right are you just trying to make me jealous? Devon wonders. Billy and Vikki high... Read more

Tuesday, March 7th

Joining Reed as he does homework at CL’s, Billy talks about his return to Underground’s open mic (and Vikki’s turn around) She’s pretty cool – I married her twice, Billy smiles – and I am a catch. Via video chat, Cane (and Juliette) talk to Vikki about a crucial meeting... Read more

Monday, March 6th

As Jill continues to think about Kay and the letter she wrote, Devon drops by to find that Kay’s portrait has been taken off the wall. You found a way to keep the fight alive. Actually, SHE did that, Jill replies. Cane chats with his Dad as he packs for... Read more

Friday, March 3rd

At the club, Victor and Mike fuss over an exhausted and stressed-out Lauren. Kevin’s on his way through rough terrain to meet the kidnappers and hopefully Scott – all we can do is hope for the best. Tired of being told how to feel, Lauren’s about to march off when... Read more