Wednesday, February 18th

More of the same. Rescued; Sage, Avery, Joe. Still trapped; Victor, Jack, Nikki and Phyllis (Nick and Dylan are looking for them) ... Gabe rescues Billy (who sees the medic take note of his bullet wound) Read more

Tuesday, February 17th

The most romantic Valentine's Day in GC continues ... In addition to yesterday's joy, Chelsea's building is on fire and Sharon's run her car into a snowbank... Hilary's OK - yay. Lily's fine (but quite pissed off) Read more

Monday, February 16th

The plane has crashed. Hilary is badly injured and Lily's nowhere to be found ... Dylan accidentally smacks Avery in the face ... Victor and 'Gabe' have an exchange ... Austin's dead, Fen spiked the punch - an inconsolable Summer could be the killer ... Acting like he's been 'Hexed' Jack has quick sex with Kelly (and Underground's roof is about to cave in. Read more

Friday, February 13th

As everyone argues - and wonders what Neil has in his briefcase, the plane plunges ..... Billy decides to focus on happiness - with Chelsea ... Nikki drinks at Underground ... The kids at the cabin awaken; seems their punch was spiked. Read more

Thursday, February 12th

Neil stuns everyone on the private jet - he can see, and drink whiskey ... Abby and her guests play a drinking game (that pisses Austin off) ... Nick likes Sage's silky panties ... Is Underground about to cave in? ... Adam spies on Billy (as he talks to Delia) Read more

Wednesday, February 11th

Avery comes up with a plan to save Phyllis (then has a nasty run in with Kelly) ... The Ashby/Winters gang is off for a Valentine's Day they'll never forget ... Neil and Nikki bond over drinks again.. Ashley's on the warpath. Read more

Tuesday, February 10th

Adam and Sage have dinner at Billy and Chelsea's ... Victor's going to bat for Phyllis .. Paul worries about Chris' determination to convict Phyllis ... Kevin, Mariah, Austin and Summer receive a mysterious invitation. Read more

Monday, February 9th

Chelsea/Billy, Sage/Gabe continue to interact ... Summer and Austin butt heads (he then quits his job at Underground and sends someone a message) ..... Dylan punches Joe (and Avery tends to his bruises while Sharon tends to Dylan's). Read more

Friday, February 6th

There's been some tech issues with the site's registrar. If you're seeing this, it's been resolved ... Nikki and Neil drink together (after he tests Hilary, Devon, Cane and Lily to see who's betraying him) ... Phyllis rejects Jack - she's staying with Victor. Read more

Thursday, February 5th

Sharon's downward spiral ends when Nick needs her help with Faith ... Austin forgot to tell Nick that a building inspector wants to shut down the club ... Mariah agrees to move in with Kevin ... Neil can see - and Cane's just sent him up to Devon's suite (where he and Hilary are in bed). Read more