Thursday, January 14th

At GCM, Dr Delafield can’t give Paul and Dylan any info (they aren’t family) There’s no way of telling what Billy will remember about the hit and run – if anything. Vikki puts the toy car in Billy’s hand – she’s not sure how Johnny got it back, but knows... Read more

Wednesday, January 13th

Invisible Billy wanders around town talking to folks who can't see him - then is told by Delia to go back and fix things.... The machines turned off, all expecting Billy to die shortly are surprised when brain activity is detected .... Kevin isn't enthused about partnering with Victor ... Noah tries to down his sorrows ... Victor and Chelsea learn that Adam didn't get on the jet (but are unaware that he's been kidnapped) Read more

Tuesday, January 12th

After Billy's family and friends say good bye, the machines are turned off (which causes a change in Billy; like he's a new man or sumthin') .... Kevin makes a deal with Victor ... Luca's told that Marco's dead ... Noah continues to wallow in guilt. Read more

Monday, January 11th

Devon blasts a guilty Neil, while Lily does the same to Hilary (the phony affair plan worked for Nikki though; her goal? To make Victor pay attention to her) And pay attention he di - he's livid ... As all, well most, gather at the hospital, Jack decides to take Billy off life support. Jill is NOT having it. Read more

Friday, January 8th

Neil's plan to use Nikki to get Hilary off his back fails epically when she ends up on her back (witnessed by Devon of course) It might also cause trouble between Nikki and Victor ... Frustrated that Neville can't help Billy, Jill asks Devon to make him ... Neville cares for Ashley as she suffers the effects of his protocol ... Kevin turns down Victor's persistent offers, but is troubled when realizing how dire Billy's condition is. Read more

Thursday, January 7th

Billy's family is faced with some hard decisions (as he continues to deteriorate) .... Kevin refuses to partner up with Victor or Jack .... Luca's being played by Adam and Victor (but busts Noah and Marisa; who threatens to leave him if he tells the police) ... Kevin hangs onto Max at CL's - Ben wants him and Abby to be given the chance to give Max a good home... Abby focuses on Abby. Read more

Wednesday, January 6th

Abby becomes self-absorbed as Max drives a wedge between her and Ben (then vanishes from a table at the club) .... As Billy's condition goes downhill, Kevin has two interested investors - Jack and Victor... Dr Anderson continues to use Sharon and plot against Sage and Nick.. Kevin's birthday gift to Mariah is a Ferrari. Read more

Tuesday, January 5th

Ben and Abby return to weigh in on whether Billy should undergo surgery or Neville's treatment - they then get a surprise visitor who hurls an ugly accusation .... Kevin shares info with Paul and Jack (who plans to invest 2 million in Billy's behalf) Catching wind of this secret project that involves Billy and Jack, Victor's interested .... After Chelsea hires Marisa, Adam warns her to steer clear (Luca's told him that Marisa is the one giving him dirt on his Father) ... Ashley's ready to begin Neville's experimental protocol. Read more

Monday, January 4th

Billy's family, friends (and an obvious enemy) gather as he continues to fight for his life .... Adam continues to play Luca - or Victor - or both .... Kevin helps Paul trap Billy's bookie (who denies running him over) Read more

Thursday, January 1st

The show didn't air yesterday..... The Abbott's rally at GCM - where Billy's in critical condition.... Phyllis lashes out ... Will Dr Neville be the one to save Billy? ... Noah's stunned when Marisa tells him that he hit Billy - and is torn with Victor orders him to keep his mouth shut. Read more