Wednesday, August 16th

Wearing a maternity dress, Juliet chats to Hilary (who’s back from a business trip) Seeing Cane looking all glum, a sympathetic Juliet approaches – hey you, mind if I sit? Swollen feet. The pregnancy’s going well and Juliet’s pleased to hear that Cane has a job interview – his life... Read more

Tuesday, August 15th

Jack praises his Mother on her first day at Jabot and credits Ashley with her being assigned to a special project. She’s at the Abbott cabin – a ‘rustic hell’ you hated, Jack wants his Mom to admit. At the cabin, memories of her Father make Ashley smile. At Sharon’s,... Read more

Monday, August 14th

Cane’s not happy to come home to find Mattie and Reed doing what looks to be more than ‘just hangin’ out’. And after Reed leaves, Cane’s clear – I don’t want that boy in this house. Vikki’s back from her appointment with the bank with bad news – BnS isn’t... Read more

Friday, August 11th

Guess what paperboy? Abby boasts about the successful app launch then lobs a few insults about Scott being unqualified. She almost didn’t recognize him without the beard. You’re kicking me out of my home, Nick states the obvious. It’s MY home, Victor corrects – you’re no longer my son. This... Read more

Thursday, August 10th

At the tackhouse, Chelsea comes down blathering about paint colours for a surprise redecoration of Faith’s bedroom. Frowning at a family photo that includes Victor, Nick isn’t looking forward to tolerating Faith’s close bond with her Grandpa. Victor’s called in a photographer to update the executive headshots – tell Scott... Read more

Wednesday, August 9th

OK. So I apparently only missed the first 3 minutes of today’s show. Yay me! At Underground, Nick tells Chelsea that he has his own ways of handling things with his Father. Vikki’s just finished negotiating a discount with a key supplier when her Mom arrives at the club. BnS... Read more

Tuesday, August 8th

Sorry dear readership – for some reason my recording didn’t catch the first 15-20 minutes of today’s show. I’ll try to update it later. In Dina’s suite, Jack doesn’t see why his Mother should retire – come work at Jabot. Doing what? Consulting/marketing. You’d have a special project. Dina’s not... Read more

Friday, August 4th

In a suite at the club, Vikki’s alarmed to wake up next to a sleeping/snoring Benjamin. Cane joins Jack on the rooftop to claim there’s no hard feelings about not getting the job – even if his vast experience and inside knowledge of BnS WOULD benefit Jack greatly. Vikki’s not... Read more

Thursday, August 3rd

Lauren drops by the condo to wonder why Phyllis left work early. Off site meeting with Hawkman?! What did he want from you? No, it’s what Phyllis wanted (and got) from HIM. At the office, Billy reports that he’s done damage control with antsy suppliers. Vikki’s glad he’s all gung... Read more

Wednesday, August 2nd

In Victor’s office, Abby gives her Dad a welcome back hug and an update – she signed another start up to the incubator project. Surprised to hear that Victor gave Hilary permission to air the garage footage, Abby wonders why he’d do that. Chelsea’s tracked Vikki down at the club... Read more