Tuesday, February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thanks once more to Tina for filling in (most appreciated after working a full evening shift!) I’m home now and will be back on schedule tomorrow (unless Riley has to cover because I’m not over my sunburn and sand flea bites) Thanks so much for your patience... Read more

Monday, February 13th

My apologies for the delay – again. I’ll be home late tonight and back in schedule tomorrow. Thanks so much to Tina for filling in! Billy and Cane are going at it in Victoria’s office. Billy thinks Cane should be happy he has a job and a paycheque. Cane thinks... Read more

Friday, February 10th

My apologies for the delay. Riley (my usual back up) and I are in sunny Florida until the 14th. In the meantime, I am incredibly grateful to Tina for helping out a fellow Canadian and her US readers. The delay is completely my fault (we had to get up at... Read more

Thursday, February 9th

Finding Chelsea in a wedding dress (to see how it flows) Nick cracks some jokes – then apologizes for Faith volunteering him to have dinner with Sharon. Should I start on a wedding dress for her? Chelsea quips. On the CL’s patio, Lily wonders why Sharon wasn’t at her fitting.... Read more

Wednesday, February 8th

After Victor sets up the chess board, Faith admits she’d rather go upstairs to read. Nikki joins Victor – it’s sad to see Faith so sad. Victor thinks what Dylan did is very admirable. Nikki appreciates that – maybe they can tell Faith the truth when she’s older. In the... Read more

Tuesday, February 7th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck today. Jack’s relieved to see Gloria’s desk empty – not so much when he finds her in his office. No such luck in avoiding me, she offers Mr Abbott coffee (and reminds that he and Lauren are being interviewed by GC Buzz today) Lauren joins... Read more

Monday, February 6th

At Underground, Vikki whines to Nick – her patience and humour are exhausted. Teen angst is harder to deal with than diapers. At the design studio, Chelsea’s sorry things with Dylan didn’t work out. Him leaving doesn’t make sense. Dylan had to leave for his own survival, Sharon blames herself.... Read more

Friday, February 3rd

Plotting my demise? Amused, Jack takes a seat at the bar. Pouring more champagne, Gloria’s equally smug as she talks about Jack not being able to get enough of her the other night – then the deal he reneged on. We’re done here, Jack gets up. But the show’s about... Read more

Thursday, February 2nd

Impressed with me? Hilary’s surprised and delighted. Devon knows it was hard for her to apologize – he’s missed this side of Hilary (who only cares what Devon thinks of her) At Brash n Sassy, Jill announces that she’s accomplished all her goals (no, not getting Billy and Vikki back... Read more

Wednesday, February 1st

Vikki arrives at work to inform Billy that she was out late at a concert last night – Reed’s happy (and here’s a T-shirt as a thank you) Vikki even made Zoey’s ‘witch’ photo her phone’s screensaver as a reminder to ease up on Reed. Billy then shows her an... Read more