Monday, July 17th

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki pulls out of Jack’s arms (and kiss) Sorry – I shouldn’t have done that, she apologizes. Still at Top of The Tower, Victor’s on the phone with Dr Harris. Hearing how Kevin and Chloe connected then escaped, Victor orders him to find them and bring... Read more

Friday, July 14th

At Top of the Towers, guests dance and mingle. Nikki accepts Scott’s congratulations (on such a successful benefit) then asks Vikki what’s wrong. Uh oh – it seems both Nick and Victor are missing. In the underground parking garage, Victor slams Nick’s car door shut to accuse him of trying... Read more

Thursday, July 13th

At the Chancellor Park Pavilion, Tessa receives a round of applause; Reed and Noah beaming from the front seat. Backstage, Victor assures Nikki that she IS ready – don’t you worry about a damn thing. Thank you, Nikki replies breathlessly and once alone, grimaces in pain as she drops her... Read more

Wednesday, July 12th

Among the press, Howard balances a video-camera that weighs more than he does as Hilary starts her red carpet interviews with an an awkward and uninteresting Reed. Backstage, Abby’s ranting about Victor telling her to find another sound company. You shouldn’t have needed Dad to tell you that, Vikki further... Read more

Tuesday, July 11th

In her new gown and baubles, Nikki pauses to wince in pain before putting on a brave face to let Vikki in. At the tackhouse, Nick’s wowed by Chelsea (who’s very worried about Nikki performing despite being in pain). Yeah, well, that won’t be a problem – Nick took care... Read more

Monday, July 10th

At the tackhouse, Chelsea’s jamming Nikki’s gown into a garment bag as Nick declares it insane for her to perform with her MS flaring up. We both know she’s not OK – Dad’s pulling her strings and Nick WILL protect his Mom. Jack drops by the ranch to scold Nikki... Read more

Friday, July 7th

Huh? Going to see Mommy? Chelsea’s puzzled – and after Bella toddles off, asks Kevin why she thinks Chloe’s still alive. At the tackhouse, Nick ends a call with Faith (who’s told she doesn’t need to come home for grandma’s concert or to play chess with grandpa) Have fun at... Read more

Thursday, July 6th

While Abby and Scott are setting up the pavilion for tomorrow’s concert in the park, Tessa’s at the tackhouse being questioned on where Nikki is. When she slips up that Nikki maybe ‘can’t’ perform, Nick pounces – what do you mean by that? Nikki wheels her luggage back into the... Read more

Wednesday, July 5th

On the CL’s patio, Paul’s got his panties in a bunch because Kevin hasn’t contacted anyone. Clearly thinking Paul a worry-wart, Mike’s all but forced to call the Tahiti resort. What?! He didn’t check in!? Mike’s concerned now too. We’re not being followed, and Kevin’s sure Dr Harris hasn’t untied... Read more

Tuesday, July 4th

Bright and early at BnS, Vikki announces that she’s settling the lawsuit. Billy wonders what changed her mind. At home, Lily and Cane discuss Charlie breaking yet another phone. Lily wants to teach her son about repercussions. But since Juliet’s pregnant we can’t afford more problems. Awakening in bed with... Read more