Tuesday, October 17th

As Graham holds vigil at Dina’s bedside, Ashley and Traci can only watch and complain behind the window. He stalked her and weaseled his way into her life – made sure his revenge was complete, Ashley fumes. It’s so good to see you awake, Graham tells Dina that she had... Read more

Monday, October 16th

At GCM, Ashley runs behind Dina’s gurney – we need a doctor!!! My Mother’s unconscious! When Graham appears with Dina’s ‘personal doctor’, Ashley rejects him. There’s no time to waste – I’m familiar with your Mother’s history, Dr Hummel follows the gurney off. When Traci and Jack race in, Ashley... Read more

Friday, October 13th

When Traci and Abby bring in the tea set, Jack updates that Dina’s in her suite and will be removing Graham from her will first thing in the morning. That’s not the only thing that happened tonight, Traci understates. Ashley appreciates Jack’s attempt to avoid the elephant in the room... Read more

Thursday, October 12th

With a framed photo of John Abbott in the background, Abby glares at Dina – what did you just say!? Graham blames everyone, especially Ashley, for confusing Dina (who he now defends) She wanted to protect you from the truth! What truth? Traci asks. That’s enough, you can leave now,... Read more

Wednesday, October 11th

Top of The Tower has been decorated for Ashley’s big night; flowers, champagne on ice and a digital display of Abbott family photos. Questioning the choice of venue, Nikki then tries to throw Hilary out ‘the restaurant is closed for a private event’. Jack explains that he invited Hilary to... Read more

Tuesday, October 10th

The stunning bouquet of roses on Jack’s desk isn’t from him – it’s from the BnS team. No, Ashley doesn’t mind Nikki being added to the guest list – since she’s added Graham. Why!? Jack’s shocked. Because Ashley thinks tonight’s party is the perfect time to save their Mother. Seated... Read more

Monday, October 9th

** Busy day today. Happy Thanksgiving Canada! ** At the Abbot mansion, Ashley flashes back to John praising her on the Junior Jabot line. Oh, how proud her Father is. Jack appears to update that Mother will be attending Ashley’s dinner tonight – without Graham. Good – Ashley wants to... Read more

Friday, October 6th

In Jack’s office, Phyllis is adamant that Billy did not use her laptop to access Jabot’s servers. He wouldn’t do that, she assures Jack. At BnS, Billy’s playing hardball on the phone – I don’t care what you need to do (get it done by the release date!) Vikki arrives... Read more

Thursday, October 5th

In Victor’s office, Abby gives her Mom a congratulatory hug and is invited to a family dinner to celebrate Ashley’s Innovator of the Year award. Ashley’s vague on whether she’s bringing a date – but you can bring Zack. We’ll see, Abby’s left to mutter. At the club, Zack’s on... Read more

Tuesday, October 3rd

Vikki thanks Jack for holding the elevator for her. He guesses she has a busy day ahead – coming up with a strategy to combat Jabot’s ‘next big thing’. We’re flush with cash and have some amazing plans, Jack boasts. Vikki’s confident that BnS will soon be taken to new... Read more