Thursday, December 15th

Thanks once more to my wonderful daughter Riley! After taking time off to care for Christian, Nick finally returns to The Underground. As he walks in, he looks around the place, sliding his hands across the bar. Noah walks in holding a box full of alcoholic goods, surprised to see... Read more

Wednesday, December 14th

Thanks again to my wonderful daughter Riley for filling in. Billy confronts Jack about the eviction notice, which states that Jabot Cosmetics must leave by the end of the year. Jack tells Billy “It’s strictly business,” however Billy isn’t stupid enough to believe that. Cane and Victoria share the same... Read more

Tuesday, December 13th

Today’s spoiler comes courtesy of my daughter Riley. I read the first line and figured – meh, how bad can it be? Thank you Riley. Hi from sunny Florida. I will bring you something nice. Mariah examines the bruises engulfing her face in a mirror, disappointed with the lack of... Read more

Monday, December 12th

Nick and Faith gape at their TV – the GC Buzz staff gape at the floor – where Mariah lays like a rug. Faith hopes Mariah was supposed to fall. Joining Kev and Summer at CL’s, Abby hears that Mariah just fell flat on her face on live TV. Like... Read more

Friday, December 9th

Chelsea 2.0 is a whirlwind of activity as Sharon, Chelsea and Chloe prepare to go live on GC Buzz (and I’m busy too so no time to proofread or spellcheck) Devon praises Mariah on a great job. Keep Buzzin’ GC was MY line, Hilary comes over to snarl. Now it’s... Read more

Thursday, December 8th

Neither Sharon or Dylan slept well last night – thinking of Christian. And neither are happy when Mariah arrives. Hilary screwed all of us, she says (when blamed for Dylan’s interview) In their suite, Hilary and Devon had a good night’s sleep. We always put our marriage first, Hilary kisses... Read more

Wednesday, December 7th

Get outta my house! Jack orders. Billy reminds that he’s John’s son too – changing the locks won’t keep me out. This is just as much my house as yours – legally I can move back in. Try it, Jack warns – you’ll lose. You’re no more John Abbott than... Read more

Tuesday, December 6th

Memories of John Abbott, fill the home as Jack finds Mrs Martinez serving Ashley and Abby breakfast. Traci enters the dining room to thank Jack for his hospitality. This house is just as much yours as mine, Jack comments – then feels an intervention coming on (which is unnecessary since... Read more

Monday, December 5th

Victor drops by the tackhouse (security told him Christian was taken to hospital in an ambulance) He and Nikki would have gone to GCM. Just as well, Nick doesn’t think that would have been a good idea. Why? Who was there? Nick asks. Dylan comes back from his run to... Read more