Friday, December 2nd

A furious Mariah confronts Hilary for reneging on their deal. I just made it more watchable, Hilary claims. Forced to watch both versions of Dylan’s interview (one praising Sharon, the other not) Hilary all but shrugs – that’s the way it works – I’m the boss. Getting off GCM’s elevator,... Read more

Thursday, December 1st

Christian napping, Nick now turns his attention to Faith (who’s looking glum after reading GC Buzz online) Mommy and Dylan will get arrested if they go near Christian? Do you think they’ll take him? she wonders. At the cop shop, Dylan’s ranting to his Dad. Kevin defends Chloe inviting Sharon... Read more

Wednesday, November 30th

The kids sent off to school, Lily scolds Cane for refusing to use his crutches. And no, she won’t put her sexy nurse costume on again ~kiss~ At the club with Mike, Phyllis has no good words for Sharon but praises Dylan; a stand-up guy. Hopefully, his and Nick’s relationship... Read more

Tuesday, November 29th

In the hallway of the courtroom, Billy insists he’s telling the truth – Travis slept with another woman. Surely Vikki could feel the trust was gone (and thus didn’t accept the proposal immediately) In the courtroom, Mike and Leslie argue loudly about the request for a restraining order. After both... Read more

Monday, November 28th

At home, Sharon wonders if her outfit will project ‘maternal’. Dylan says they just need to speak from their hearts. It was so hard leaving him the other day at Chelsea’s, Sharon slips (which is news to Dylan) Chloe hopes Nick will allow Dylan and Chelsea be part of Christian’s... Read more

Friday, November 25th

Well hello! Chelsea greets Nick and Christian as she opens her door. She’d hoped Dylan would realize that suing Nick for visitation is a bad idea. Nick had hoped so too – after all the time he’s lost, he can’t take a chance on losing anymore with Christian. At home,... Read more

Thursday, November 24th

Today we’re treated to a ‘classic’ (repeat) of the show that originally aired September 1st 2016. We’ll be back on schedule with a new episode tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving. Read more

Tuesday, November 22nd

Dylan’s just home to change then heading back to the station (you told me to get out – remember?) Sharon’s so sorry – it’s a miracle Dylan hasn’t walked away. I can’t lose you too – can you forgive me? Happy Thanksgiving, Dylan says (but doesn’t look happy as Sharon... Read more

Monday, November 21st

At the estate, Jill informs Billy that they’re not having turkey – they’re going to serve the homeless (wearing aprons with the Brash n Sassy logo) Summer’s fussing over her Mom (who declines joining her at Victor’s table for Thanksgiving) Abby happens along to predict that Phyllis plans to pack... Read more