Friday, November 18th

Mariah scolds Sharon for blasting Dylan – when did you decide he’s the enemy? Faith belongs here – with me, Sharon insists. Dylan hasn’t bailed like most would, Mariah’s the voice of reason – he has the best intentions and would do anything for you. Go find him and apologize.... Read more

Thursday, November 17th

Preferring to stand for bad news, Vikki’s informed that Travis’ ex is in town. No, he didn’t leave the party to see Michelle but he has seen her – and she was the woman who came to Underground. Yes, you SHOULD have told me – why didn’t you? Vikki asks.... Read more

Wednesday, November 16th

**Sorry, no time for proofreading or spellcheck today** Phyllis is surprised to find Traci at Jabot – she’s there to spend the holiday’s with her family (and has nothing to say about Phyllis and Jack – it’s none of my business) On his phone at the club, Jack’s happy that... Read more

Tuesday, November 15th

The ranch is decorated for Katherine’s party. She and Christian will have everything – including justice (seems Sharon spent the night in jail) Nikki worries what a trial would do to Faith and Dylan – they don’t deserve this. Victor thinks Dylan should confess – how could he (a detective)... Read more

Monday, November 14th

Nick and Chelsea have snuck Christian past the reporters and to the safety of CL’s. Ester’s so happy for Nick. They’re there for some cake (since Nick missed Christian’s first birthday) Uh oh – there’s a news alert from GC Buzz. At the ranch, Nikki turns classical music down and... Read more

Friday, November 11th

Vikki grumbles about Travis coming home drunk to accost Billy (who surprisingly sympathizes and thinks she’s being too hard on the guy) This is a surprise but towel-clad Michelle isn’t sure Travis needs another drink. I’m glad you’re here, she closes the suite door after him. At the office, Jack... Read more

Thursday, November 10th

As Phyllis talks about Jabot’s new app, Jack is mesmerized by her lips and is left looking unsettled. Reporter Selena McKay then drops by for an exclusive interview on the new app (but is more interested in seeing Phyllis leave Jack’s office) In the hallway, Phyllis asks Ashley if she’s... Read more

Wednesday, November 9th

As Mariah arrives, Hilary asks sarcastic/rhetorical questions into the camera – how do you not know you didn’t give birth? How do you not tell the baby’s grieving Father? What kind of a Mother could do that? Sharon McAvoy will say she’s a victim but does that give her a... Read more

Tuesday, November 8th

Nick’s bonding with Christian when Nikki drops by. Hello Sully (she assumes Nick got roped into babysitting) No – he’s not babysitting – ‘he’ lives here now. Paul gives Dylan a stuffed toy Sully left at the park the other day – I’m sure your son will want it. He’s... Read more

Monday, November 7th

You’re home, Nick says (as Chelsea opens the tackhouse door) Tonight Christian will sleep in his own bed and hear stories about his Mom. If only she were here with us. A devastated Dylan looks at Sully’s empty crib – then starts gathering everything into a box. Please don’t do... Read more