Friday, November 4th

Dylan’s with ‘Sully’ at the park. Whatever changes – I love you. Being your Dad’s been the greatest privilege of my life. Nothing’s set in stone – perhaps we can stay together. Hey, Paul takes a seat on the bench – how’s my precious grandson today? Nick and Sharon are... Read more

Thursday, November 3rd

At the park cafe, a nervous Jack checks his watch and looks around. You’re late, he growls at Phyllis (who’s also nervous) Victor’s on to us – and the leak is about to go viral. Yes but Hilary doesn’t get to the office before 10 am (per Neil) Both Jack... Read more

Wednesday, November 3rd

Pointlessly rearranging the penthouse, Chelsea can’t believe what Sharon has done. Chloe doesn’t want to judge Sharon – perhaps she felt she had no choice but to leave it alone. No, she could have told the truth, Chelsea counters – and if they don’t find a way to handle this... Read more

Tuesday, November 1st

At Underground, Kevin and Chloe are deciding which ‘hot and happy’ photo to post online. Today’s not an easy day for Nick – the first anniversary of Christian’s death. Chloe’s glad he’s with Chelsea and not obsessing. Nick’s at the penthouse – obsessing to Chelsea that he’s watched his son... Read more

Monday, October 31st

On the phone at Underground, Nick’s stunned when Patty insists that Sully is Christian – talk to Sharon ~click~ What just happened? Chelsea asks. Sully and Faith up in bed, Dylan kisses Sharon and shows her the photos he took. Sully’s priceless. Ben calls from CL’s – he needs to... Read more

Friday, October 28th

Travis comes home to find Vikki getting the kids ready for Halloween. An excited Johnny runs straight past Travis to leap into Daddy’s arms, Katie close behind. Returning to the office, Jack reports that Travis was following him – shoulda seen his face when he opened an envelope of blank... Read more

Thursday, October 27th

You can’t see Victor today, Natalie tells Travis – repeatedly. Knowing she’s being cautious because of the blind item in GC Buzz, Travis reminds that they’re on the same team. As two executives come out discussing that the hacker is rumoured to be a low-level assistant (implying it might be... Read more

Wednesday, October 26th

Dylan’s talking to Paul on the phone – looks like Patty’s being moved, Sharon quietly tells Mariah – hopefully, we can buy time and she gets moved further away. At Stonevale, Paul then tells Dylan (who then updates Sharon) that there’s been a problem with the transfer – Patty ‘lost... Read more

Tuesday, October 25th

As Jack fills a briefcase with cash, Phyllis comes in to hear he’s ready for the next step of their plan. Billy bursts in with his guard in pursuit. He’s there to stop Jack from ruining himself by going down the same path he did. Lauren’s at Brash n Sassy... Read more

Monday, October 24th

After their Halloween play, Lily and Neil have brought the kids to the club for sundaes. The twins are bummed because Daddy didn’t come. He had to work, Lily explains. Then why is he here?? Sharon gets to the phone before Dylan can answer it – we don’t want a... Read more