Wednesday, December 13th

At the club, Nikki gives Vikki a big hug – she wasn’t sure her daughter would want to see her since they’re on opposite sides regarding Chancellor Park. Your Father must be furious that he was outbid. Both wonder who put in the winning bid. Nick and Devon are at... Read more

Tuesday, December 12th

Previously: This park is going to get stolen out from under us, Nick grumbles. This has to stop, Nikki agrees … Chelsea thinks Nick and Nikki have hit a dead end; maybe it’s time to back off. No, Nikki thinks they need to find another way to stop Victor (who’s... Read more

Monday, December 11th

At the Abbott home, Jack and Ashley inform Dina that they’ve come to a compromise; Jack resume his CEO position and Ashley will work in the lab. Miffed that she wasn’t consulted, Dina’s going to pack and take the next flight to Paris – before they compromise her right into... Read more

Friday, December 8th

Thanks once more to Riley for today’s spoiler. ‘See’ y’all Monday! In the Newman lobby, Abby and Vikki run into one another. Awkwardly, Abby asks if Victor is back and they both opt for coming back later. Nick breaks the news to Nikki that Victor is behind the plan to... Read more

Thursday, December 7th

Thanks yet again to Riley! Abby stops by Jack’s house, where Ashley is watching Dina. Ashley picks up on Abby’s odd behaviour, as she’s still dealing with her feelings towards Scott. When Ashley asks about him, Abby acts like nothing is going on between them anymore. Ashley asks how it... Read more

Wednesday, December 6th

Thanks to Meghan for today’s recap (which she somehow managed to watch while also watching twins!) Hilary/Jack – She offered Jack the opportunity of promoting Jabot on her show in exchange for sponsorship. At the Abbott mansion Jack got a call that there was an intruder on the property. He... Read more

YR Spoiler: Tuesday, December 5th

Thanks Riley! Not exactly a day ahead but much appreciated. Nikki grabs her coat, storming towards the door. Kevin hastily follows, trying to explain himself but Nikki, pointing her finger threatens Kevin that if he ever does this again, she will go straight to Paul. Nikki is certain that Kevin... Read more

Monday, December 4th

Today’s spoiler was provided by my daughter Riley. I’m in sunny Florida for the week but will try to keep the spoilers coming on schedule. Thanks Riley!! (I haven’t read the whole thing yet so we’ll all be spoiled together) Filming for the Hilary Hour is running late as Hilary... Read more

Friday, December 1st

It’s Christmas at the ranch and Victor, Reed and Vikki admire the roaring fire and decorations. Sharon’s place also decorated, Faith runs down eager to get to her Grandpa’s party. There’s something I want to talk about when I get back, Sharon says. Scott has something to talk to her... Read more

Thursday, November 30th

At the club for Mimosas, Abby clinks Lily’s glass – quitting was the right thing to do. She’s now ‘fun-employed’ Yes, being kidnapped and locked in a storage unit was a nightmare It was horrible, every second of it, Abby lies. At CL’s, Scott ends a call to tell Sharon... Read more